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Morton Pens


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Another Morrison sub brand, I believe....


I just ran across a Nassau Lever Filler. I will post a picture in the future after it comes off the workbench. I am currently trying to get the section removed. The clip has the familiar "M" in wreath and the name "NASSAU" following. So, I believe Nassau joins Marathon, Morton, Arrow, and Roxy as Morrison sub brands


Does anyone else have any further brands to add, or disagree with these?



Hi --


I may have another sub-brand. About 3 years ago, I received some pens from an elderly friend who was cleaning out the old family house in Manhattan, and was turning up pens in various drawers (I restored a Waterman 455 for her that had that very address, and her dad's name, beautifully engraved in the overlay. Did I mention old family house?).


In any event, she gifted me a pen and pencil set. They're little ringtops, but otherwise the plastic looks like the yellow and blue pens that antoniosz posted. In addition, the pen has two rings like one of those pens, and its lever has just the same shape. However, there's no "M", or any other logo, imprinted in the round end of the lever, and it says "TOWNSEND" instead of "Morton". The flexible, fine nib is imprinted "WARRANTED / 14 K / 4". There's no imprint in the plastic, and the pencil has no brand name at all -- however, it turned up with the pen, and the plastic is a perfect match to the pen's (could be the same batch).


Has anyone heard of Townsend?


-- Brian


P.S. Here's another yellow and blue Morton I came across: For Sale - Pen #4


(edited to add sale link)

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