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Connected cursive in modern Greek?

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I am looking for a sample of Greek connected cursive but I am unable to find the Greek alphabet written in connected cursive. Does anyone know where I could find it?

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Hello, all!


Can someone help me find old greek calligraphy school books? I found only titles but can't find any place where I can download it or buy digital copy.


Titles are ...





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Actually I looking for Greek calligraphy school books analogous as this USSR calligraphy schoolbook (cyrillic 1948) but for greek alphabet



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Greek cursive script with joined letters was used from the post-Independence period (1800s) until the pre-WWII era and was influenced by French and German cursive styles, but has since fallen out of favour — partly because it was considered a Western European influence, and partly because of the styles of standard detached lettering that were taught in the national school system from the post-War era onwards and continue to be taught today. Since the 1960s, a plainer, more vertical and somewhat more rounded style of lettering has been taught. Historically, Greek was written with separate characters, though ligatures were used in the Byzantine era. The late 19th-century and early 20th-century joined cursive style produced an elegant hand, which has largely been lost in contemporary Greece. 98DA7A8B-2F02-434E-BA01-9726C15A47F3.jpeg.b4313d2be8f5054562519fb397d3511e.jpeg


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