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Aladine Ink?

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Hi JDB, I know Aladine's sealing wax (I think that's the same company) but have not tried their inks.

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Anyone tried Aladine ink? My local stationary store sells it.


Aren't they calligraphy inks? Unless the label indicates that they are suitable for fountain pens, use only with dip and glass pens. (This is a guess. If I am wrong, someone should correct me.)

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I use their sealing wax (the metalics are not so good), but I was unaware of their inks. If they are only for dip pens it is best not to attempt it in a fountain pen.

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I have two bottles of Aladine ink: Aubergine and Violet. They are for dip pens only, do not put them in a fountain pen. The labels on the bottom say, "Use only with nib holder or brush". BTW, the Aubergine is the most bleed through proof ink I have ever tried. I use it with a fine glass tip pen for notes in my bible, which has the thin bible paper, and it does not bleed through. Can not say this about all Aladine inks as the Violet does bleed through a bit.

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Aladine makes fountain pen ink, it comes in a 30ml roundish bottle, and seven different colors, Aladine Catalog


I thought they did, because I know Greg Clark reviewed some Aladine inks in his Ink Sampler a few years ago.

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I have a aladine ink but is before my fountain pen days and I got it with a feather pen

Do you think that it works with a fountain pen

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Aladine makes fountain pen ink, it comes in a 30ml roundish bottle, and seven different colors, Aladine Catalog

My screen says that this catalog is only in French (no offense meant). The flags up to the left don't work . But the URL itself does say "calligraphy".



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Hi, they sell Aladine ink a the campus book store. I bought Bleu Nacre which is a light pearl blue. I put it into a disposal varsity and haven't had a problem. I love this light blue. I even mix by adding half a fill of other ink colors just to change the color up. I wouldn't put it into a regular fountain pen but with my varsity, I won't cry if I have to throw it away. So far, no clogs. When I change or add more ink, I run water through the nib and it works great. I would suggest using a dip pen or get a hand full of varsity pens.


One thing that is advised against and I have avoided it like the plaque, is once you fill up a fountain pen with non fountain ink, use that pen every day or else the ink will dry in the nib and cause a clog. Unless I'm rewriting my notes, I never fill the pen more than half and usually run out by the end of the next day. I also always store the pen nib up.


I hope this was helpful. I intend to try the other colors soon but they only carry 3 or 4 colors. If anyone wants to share some, I would love to trade.

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And much more.

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