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British Ink Sample Exchange


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I have just discovered this thread. Incredible! 

I am very new to FPN and the hobby in general, but I do have some inks to swap, just need to get my hands on some vials

I have:

R&K sketch ink in Lotte (waterproof/ nicely behaved)

R&K sketch ink in Thea (waterproof/ nicely behaved)

Waterman Absolute Brown

Diamine Teal

Diamine Sepia

Diamine Autumn Oak in small cartridges

Lamy Vibrant Pink in Lamy cartridges

Robert Oster Direct Sun (a little tested vial)


I just ordered a bunch of samples and I’m sure this list will grow. If I dislike a colour in vial format, I just want to get rid of it. 

New to the FPN so please be kind and patient I’m still learning. 

- Tina


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