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Thanks for the review. I'm not very familiar with iron gall inks. Any concerns in using with FPs?

"But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us." (Rom. 5:8, NKJV)
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Thanks for the review.  I'm not very familiar with iron gall inks.  Any concerns in using with FPs?


Here is a little info on iron gall ink and the damage it has done to paper. Extrapolate this to metal and other organic materials (plastics).


In principle deterioration of paper by iron gall inks is largely a result of the action of the inks consisting of iron of diverse other transition metal ions, e.g. such as copper or zinc. The damage to the support material goes through various stages. Firstly fluorescence in the immediate vicinity of the ink writing under UV-light is noticeable, which is followed by a brown discoloration of the support in this area. This especially occurs in case of broad pen or brush strokes. The brown discoloration spreads through the support and very often an offsetting to neighbouring pages is observable.


here is the site the quote came from


The Ink Corrosion Website

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You can read the chemistry of iron gall inks on the wikipedia site:


(Sorry, my tech-english is not really good)


You should flush the FP periodically and if you dont use the FP for a while you should fill a "normal" ink instead of the iron gall ink.

Its not a "easy to use" ink.


But its a very good ink for dokuments.

I write all my stuff with this ink if i not need a carbon copy.




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Hello Schutti,


I've read your other messages asking about Noodler's Ink, especially about buying it in Europe for a reasonable price.


I know of two online sellers of Noodler's ink in the UK, www.noodlersink.co.uk and www.thewritingdesk.co.uk. I hope that buying from them is within your budget.


Of the colors that are not guaranteed "bulletproof," both of those UK shops sell most (some of those colors are partly waterproof and others are completely washable).

Of the guaranteed "bulletproof" colors, both shops sell at least black and Luxury Blue.


Noodler's black (in Noodler's own label), whether listed by a retailer in the "bulletproof" category or not, is in fact "bulletproof."


Noodler's does produce custom inks for a handful of USA retailers who specify the ink properties they desire; some are "bulletproof," some are waterproof but not "bulletproof," some are partly waterproof and some are completely washable. These custom inks have the retailers' labels on them, not Noodler's label. The retailers sell both the custom inks and Noodler's standard inks side-by-side.


Thanks for the information on iron gall ink!

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Hi Schuttwegraeumer,

Thanks for the review and scan.From the reviews Diamine Registrar's Ink is the best one i think.


Take Care


Greetings from İstanbul

the pen is in my avatar is LAMY Studio Palladium 14K

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