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FS: MIB Waterman's WAT


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I can hear your thoughts- "What's a WAT?"


I'll tell you.


But first, the Fine Print:


(First "I want" e-mail takes the item. Domestic money orders, Paypal (either flavor) happily spent; no checks unless we've danced before, please. Domestic Priority Mail shipping included in price; happy to ship internationally, but the price will be higher- please ask.)


"Wat" have we got here? (sorry, couldn't help it)


MIB Waterman's WAT, Fine Nib, Uninked & with Chalk-marks!





The Wat, along with its brother the "X-Pen" were Waterman's answer the Parker 61 (the 61 came on the scene in 1956, the X-Pen and Wat followed in 1957) For almost all you'll ever need to know about the Wat and X-pen, please refer to this link to Richard's reference page.


I believe these had a fairly short production run and aren't super common- I've not seen any for sale in several years (IIRC) here or on FPN.


The pen is in Mint condition- no flaws to report. The pen has not been filled (dig how clean the the capillary material is), but has been dipped. The bright line on the hood is not a lighting effect- that is a line of silver pigment inset into the plastic. Chalk-marks are fully legible as are all imprints and the little disc on the top of the cap that says "WAT" (just noticed that- pretty cool).


Pen comes with a period-correct box (box top not in the greatest shape). I can't say for sure that it's the original box, but I have no evidence to the contrary either.


Nib is, as noted on the barrel, a Fine.


NOTE: This pen is on consignment and is being sold as "uninked" and, as such, I cannot issue a refund for the pen if it is not returned in its uninked state. Fillers-Keepers.


This is an interesting piece of Waterman's history in Mint condition- and it can be yours for $80, shipped.


Gimme a holler!



"We certainly hope you all enjoy the show. And remember,

people, that no matter who you are and what you do to live,

thrive and survive, there're still some things that makes us all

the same. You. Me. Them. Everybody. Everybody."

-Elwood Blues, "The Blues Brothers"

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