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Welcome to Pens from the Land of the Rising Sun!


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Greetings fellow FPN members!


It is with great pride and pleasure that we welcome you to a brilliant new regional focus forum, Pens from the Land of the Rising Sun!


This forum is for the discussion of vintage and modern Japanese fountain pens, as well as pens from other manufacturers which feature traditional Japanese Urushi and Maki-e work.


Our goal is to make this forum a premier online resource specifically focused on Japanese fountain pens, and we aim to provide FPN members with quality information which is well-balanced and accurate.


We encourage you to ask questions, tell us about your discoveries and discuss your favorite Japanese pens!



Your Moderators (aka The Mod Squad)

  • Stan

    About Stan... "The Vintage Japanese Pen Man." His fascination with Japanese pens is going on ten years and he has assembled a modest collection of eclectic pre- and post-war maki-e, kamakura-bori, eyedroppers, sterling, Pilots, Platinums, Sailors, and other pens. As a contributor to several newsgroups and budding writer of articles for penzines, he comments on all types of older Japanese writing instruments. He is an architect and resides in southern California. Stan's attraction to Japan has transcended lifetime after lifetime and can comment on different aspects of Japanese history and culture.

  • Taki - ON HIATUS

    About Taki... You can take her out of Japan but you can't take Japan and Japanese pens out of her. Born and raised in Japan, she is an avid fountain pen user. After trying pens from all over the world, she realized that she likes Japanese pens the best. As a pharmacist, wife and mom her life is hectic but she won't be caught without a Japanese pen. In addition to fountain pens Taki enjoys knitting, playing with geeky gadgets (current interest: iPod Touch), and reading.

  • Winedoc

    About Winedoc... Kevin is his name and Maki-e is his game. He likes other pens too, but they're just not the same. :) Like most folks, he started out using and collecting popular western pen brands. Currently he mainly collects and uses modern urushi and maki-e pens. He runs a pain management clinic by day and a thriving pen business by night. He is an avid reader and student of Japanese medieval history. He has worked with pen companies in maki-e themes and designs. He also enjoys wines and mechanical watches.

  • Phthalo

    About Phthalo... Phthalo is a twenty-something technical writer with a background in computing and cartography. Small, finely-crafted and unusual Japanese pens are the focus of her collection, and she is especially attracted to lacquer. She reads a lot, enjoys landscape photography, drawing and watercolour painting.

If you have forum suggestions or experience any issues, please let the forum Moderators know via a PM or the 'Report Post' function. Edited by Phthalo

Laura / Phthalo

Fountain Pens: My Collection

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