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I am awaiting delivery of a French 'Parker' ??? The rarely seen [by me] Plexor. Vacumatic or simple Button fill??

These pens were apparently made in France by Fernand Laureau who manufactured for Parker under license or contract or some such arrangement. I understand that they used Parker parts and some are found with Parker nibs. This one has the Plexor AP nib. Does anyone have any info about these pens?

I have searched the net and managed to download a couple of pictures relating to Plexor [Apologies to the site owner ~ it was only for research!] :embarrassed_smile: and when I receive the pen I will be able to show better pictures hopefully.

Plexor pens are mentioned in 'Passion For Pens' [P. Haury and J. P. Lacroux] but I have not got access to a copy as yet!

Meanwhile here is what I have to date!

Help from the Gurus will be much appreciated.


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It is a button fill.

The clip is a feathered arrow with PLEXOR in place of PARKER and the feed, section and blind cap are all interchangeable with various Duofold parts that are lying around my work area.

Nice heavy barrel and cap with contrasting blind cap which appear machined from hard plastic, not moulded and Plated clip and cap ring.

Threads dia. and pitch are same as Duofold. No names or numbers anywhere.

I don't rate the Plexor AP nib any better than very ordinary but with a Duofold nib it is a nice, well balanced pen and eminently suitable for everyday use.

The sac is heavy duty rubber and obviously several sizes to big for the barrel so I believe I will replace it and give birth to a 'Franken-fold'

Then I will just use it for a while!

I would still appreciate hearing from anyone who knows about Plexor/Parker pens or indeed anyone who can mail me a scan of the relevant info in 'Passion for Pens'


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