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New forum, and moderators!


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Finally it comes!

Congrats to Jim and GP!

I may mark there italian pens' reviews that I will post in the pen review forum.

It is a forum I waited for a long time. I opened a thread in the past to ask how many members wanted it and we were a lot.




<i><b><font size="4"><a href="http://www.duninet.com" target="_blank">Andrea Duni</a></font></b><br><font color="#696969">(ex Netnemo)</font></i><br><br><b>Join the FPN Groups on <a href="https://www.facebook.com/groups/fountainpennetwork/" target="_blank">Facebook</a> and <a href="http://www.linkedin.com/e/gis/799587" target="_blank">LinkedIn</a></b>

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Fantastic!! I am looking forward to it! :thumbup:

Sincerely yours,


Ronnie Banks

"Like a prized watch, a good fountain pen is a trusted companion for life."

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I shall endeavor to live up to the honor bestowed upon me and try not to gloat too hard that my babies have a forum of their own now.


[Even if I sneak in a few ex pat Carenes or YOLs occasionally!] :bunny01:


Ghost Plane

you must be well known, and congrats to you.

this is my first ever note on a forum of any kind. and I'm only a high school grad, so no big words from here.

the bunny nice touch, have a nice day... :)



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Congratulations, Jim and Ghost Plane!


Jim, is this why we've not seen you in the Lounge lately?


(Jim is the reason I'm here... I found out about the FPN through him in The Fedora Lounge last summer. Been lurking on and off since then. Thanks, Jim!)




Edited by Tango Yankee

"One can’t stop progress, of course, but I’d really like to stick out my foot and trip it."

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Hi Tom!!!

Yes,i would say this is one of many reasons i have not been at the Fedora Lounge as of late.Trying to divide too little time among too many hobbies and websites.

FPN demands my prime attention!!!I still check FL sometimes but don't post as often. But i do check it weekly!!!


Thanks ever so much for the concern though.Nice to be missed!



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I have to say congratulations to my husband and his new responsibility.Congratulations also to GP.

We will enjoy this site.



Ann :bunny01:

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