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usps registered mail delivery, signing procedures;

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This is pen related in that a lot of us (probably all) are reliant on our local mail services, usps and other delivery options.


I usually send registered so that designated adressee or someoine where he/she lives/works has to sign for the item . Generally this works very well and if no one in a notification left. There is no tracking per se` along the way like EMS which costs double and more but the end of line requires a signature. The PO should know where it is and have a copy of the signature.


Recently I've had a case of usps saying that registered item arrived at postal unit on Nov 1st but nothing else. No more details


My customer was not in to receive. I was also partially to blame as I should have sent to his work address and not the paypal shipping designated which I did automatically with all the Go's I prepared for dispatch, mostly registered and all arrived safely within space of 7- 13 days to UK, US and Canad addresses. There were about 12 packages of Peli Go's that I sent together that day and used paypal's shipping address.


Question is can mailman just turf anywhere, near the door, mailbox, in the garden (4 Peli Go's so quite large).

Addressee told me that in his area anyone can pilfer and this normally happens if mail left unattended. But as it's registered delivery, seems that mailman must get a signature and if not leave a notification in the box or on the door that a registered item waiting at PO.


This is standard practice and on the whole one can rely on it. But does this always happen or can mailman get a neighbor or passing kid to sign for it and then be done with.


I hope that the Go's are at the PO. They landed last week on Nov 1st, sent out from here Oct 21st which is about normal. Sometimes even 2 to 3 weeks and on the very rare occasion 4 days. EMS takes 2-3 working days.


I hope this has a happy ending. It does Parcel was waiting at PO


What are your registered mail experiences, good and bad.

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I received a pen that I had to sign for one time. I got the note in my mailbox that I had a package waiting at the Post Office. The next day, thanks to my very flexible work schedule, I took off from work early enough to catch the Post Office open and signed for it. I pity anyone who does not have the luxury of leaving work when they please or need to for such things. Had I not had the flexible hours I am not exactly sure how I would do it. I usually get home from work just after the PO closes, and I believe they only hold packages for a few days before sending them back. As far as trying to send them to a home, sometimes thats a tough one!

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I suspect that it partly depends on the country.


Here's info from Canada/Toronto, as I perceive it:


They're generally pretty lax: if they can get *someone* at the delivery address to sign for it, good enough. They'd probably leave it with a neighbour, too. The only time I've seen them NOT be that way is when they know that there's a passport inside, but I suspect that that's an unofficial understanding with the passport office. I suspect that most posties would probably comply with a request written in large print and highlighted to not leave it with anyone other than the addressee, but that's hit & miss. The safest thing to do locally, though as far as I know it wouldn't work on inbound international shipments, would be to pre-specify the "card for pickup" system, such that a card will automatically be left, forcing the addressee to show up to the post office with ID.


If delivery fails, then they tend to leave a card, which you can take to the post office to pick it up. Depending on where it goes and where you work, it can be a real pain to make it there during opening hours, which is why I prefer not to have things shipped home (though fortunately the postal agency near my house is often open longer than its stated hours, as it's also a stationery store).


Non-registered (or trackable with signature required, which effectively is pretty much the same thing!) mail and packages will be left in the mailbox if they fit, or a card will be left for pickup at the post office otherwise. YMMV a lot more on this: they might leave it at the door or some such. Heck, there are some businesses in my neighbourhood which don't have mailboxes, and it's common to see the mail thrown at the door, or elastic-banded onto the doorknob if it's windy. Of course, nobody steals phone bills, I guess :-)


I understand that in other places, like for example the U.S., it's possible to request that it be delivered only to the addressee.

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Not sure if this is helpful. Whenever I have a pen shipped to me i have it shipped to my work (I know that's not possible for everybody) that way someone is always signing for it, and it's secure. I dont' even feel comfortable with people leaving pens in my mailbox, even know I live in a safe neighborhood.

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The Post Office in the UK are obliged by law(?) to deliver to the address and not necessarily the addressee.


I don't remember having to sign for any parcel sent to me via USPS. Generally someone else is in or it is too big to go through the letterbox and the postie returns it to the post office. I have to say that they are very good here, an advantage of island life. Someone posted a letter to me at 11am and I had it at 1:45pm on the SAME DAY!!

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USPS will not leave a package that requires a sig. They will leave a notice stating the parcel will be at the local unit, I can go sign for it and receive it ( I think for 5 days then it's forwarded back to sender) or I cna make arraingements to have it redelivered. I believe even registered needs a seperate signed receipt. About all the tracking I've seen is the same as you..."delivered at the local unit" and a time which tells me it's a 99% chance that delivery will occur that day. I'm sure this all changes depending on location. I'm sure in small town Kansas where everyone knows each other the procedure might be a bit lax.


My local Post office tells me signed receipt requests for foreign deliveries is hit or miss, depending on local situations. But I got a parcel from the UK two weeks ago and I had to sign. That was a first for any out of country arrival for me.


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By the way, as a further aside, I've never had a package sent to me get lost. Misdirected, causing attempted delivery to the wrong address (there are two streets with the same name in this city, and the post office don't seem to understand their own postal codes!), delayed, yes, but permanently lost, it /crossed fingers/ has never ever happened (yet?). My general feeling is that for anything under several hundred dollars, I prefer plain mail, as the additional costs aren't worth it (on a self-insurance concept).

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If you are not at home and there is no one to sign for package, you may call post office and request it be redelivered or you can go to your home post office and pick it up. UPS and FED EX will attempt to deliver two or three times. If no one is there to sign, it can than be picked up at their branch office.

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Ink Stained Wretch
What are your registered mail experiences, good and bad.

Well, I usually don't get registered mail. The most recent one I got was from you and that worked out all right. Prior to that I can't recall getting anything registered, although I've had FedEx have me sign for stuff and sometimes UPS wants me to as well. Sometimes UPS just doesn't bother and sometimes UPS just drops the package off in the hallway of the apartment building. UPS is not so good.


But I've learned to have all pen and ink shipments sent to my P.O. Box address. I had one thing sent once to my home address about three and a half years ago. The rocket scientists at my local Post Office gave the package away to someone who has the same last name! They never bothered to note that the addresses were different. It took a couple of weeks for me to get that pen back from that other person.


And they never deliver to the apartment anyway. So since I'll have to go get it at the Post Office in any case I figure I may as well get it sent there in the first place.

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Well, I usually don't get registered mail. The most recent one I got was from you and that worked out all right. Prior to that I can't recall getting anything registered, although I've had FedEx have me sign for stuff and sometimes UPS wants me to as well. Sometimes UPS just doesn't bother and sometimes UPS just drops the package off in the hallway of the apartment building. UPS is not so good.


That's interesting - UPS and FedEx here (downtown Toronto) are absolutely flawless in their approach: they'll always seek a signature, though from anyone at or near the delivery address (other person at address, neighbour), and will seek a legible name to go with, so that it can be backtracked. We use FedEx a lot for high-importance shipments (share certificates, mostly) at work, and I have never, ever, ever had them mess anything up or even pick up a package one minute late (though I've had several picked up two minutes before the due time). The "worst" they've done to me was to deliver a package to Timmins, northern Ontario, in the afternoon (instead of the morning) in the worst snowstorm of the year. Maybe I'm just lucky, but their ability *not* to mess things up never ceases to amaze me. They're not cheap, but when necessary, well worth it. Pens don't generally qualify :-). Just a satisfied customer, but I really can't say enough good things about their in-Canada service (I understand that they're not so great elsewhere, though I've never personally had problems).


Frankly, I'm even amazed by the post office and how properly addressed mail usually makes it to destination for $0.52.

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Here's my two cents worth - 1.86 US cents worth ;)


Never ship anything sensitive or expensive without requiring a signature as proof of delivery. I use a UPS store for receiving packages and secure documents rather than my home address, just to be safe. On occasion, I will get a parcel sent to my place of business. As a person who specializes in multi-residential security, I can say that postal delivery to multi residential buildings and single detached homes are something that is regularly targeted by identity and commodity thieves, which is the primary reason I use a local UPS or FedEx stores to receive mail and parcels.


I look for stores who can provide proof of insurance coverage, access control and CCTV systems to track store activity and a monitored burglar alarm. My local UPS store had all of this and calls or emails me to confirm rec'd items.


Since using this service for the last 10 years, I have not had one single problem, plus my stuff is there even after a three week holiday.

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Had I not had the flexible hours I am not exactly sure how I would do it.

The sheet they leave has clear instructions; you can either:


1) Pick it up at the PO

2) Sign the card and have them leave it anyway

3) List a neighbour with whom they can leave the item

4) Redeliver to another address


I once ran into a package where I had to sign in person, so I had no choice but to pick it up from the PO. I knew I would be able to do this. If your job doesn't allow that flexibility, then you should have the foresight to ASK whomever you're ordering from if they require signature. If they do, simply don't order from those places.


The USPS is very flexible, so one shouldn't have any excuses.

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The USPS is very flexible, so one shouldn't have any excuses.


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