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Noodler's CMYK Color Mixes


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I'm pretty new to the FP world and the very first thing I wanted to do was mix ink for fun, while I teach my kids cursive and art with fountain pens and ink!

Wanting to buy all the Noodler's CMYK colors, but confused...
... which Noodler's black ink and why?


Thanks lots for continuing the conversation.

I come from a paper crafting world and we have a DIY color wheel stamp and die set that might make DIY color mixing even more fun:  https://waffleflower.com/products/color-wheels-combo


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I use Heart of Darkness because that is what I have. I haven’t had any negative interactions from it. It is very black. If you want to use a different black look at some of the reviews to be sure you’re getting a black and not a really dark different color. 

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