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**updated** Suggestions For What To Include In An Ink Review...

Ann Finley

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There has been a lot of confusion about how to do a formal review here on FPN. Ultimately, I'm pretty lenient on this issue. All I ask is this:


- a photo

- some sort of comment on dry time, flow, bleed through, and shading

I'll leave the original note below for those interested on how to do a more in depth review, but as long as you've got the stuff above, however you present that information being entirely up to you, I'll consider it a formal review and index it as such.




You may not have all of the info listed, so just include what you can. The guidelines suggest various questions that members often have about an ink when trying to determine if they would like to add it to their collection. If you have any further suggestions for what would be helpful to you in a review, please let us know.

Reviews that are posted directly here on FPN (as opposed to posting a link to the review), with one ink reviewed per topic, and that contain at least the starred info indicated below, will be included in our Index of Ink Reviews.

Please post only ONE review per topic!

Pen(s) & paper used for review, as well as the ink brand & color name*
(Folks like to know how an ink will act with a fountain pen, thus the use of an FP(s) as opposed to a dip pen is preferable for reviews.)
A photo/scan if possible is most helpful...*
Does the ink dry quickly? (i.e. in 3 or 4 seconds if rubbed lightly with your finger)* It's helpful if you show this smear test on your review.*
Does it seem to flow particularly fast or slow? *
Does it tend to dry up in pens quickly if the cap is off for awhile?
Any start-up problems with the pen, either in a short time or if not used for a few days? *
How does it lubricate the nib? (sufficiently, or like "skating on the paper")
Is it highly saturated?
Does it feather and/or bleed through the paper? *
Does it shade? *
Is there a phenomenal difference in appearance coming from different pens?
Is it particularly sensitive to hand oils?
Is it considered archival? (pH neutral & lightfast per manufacturer)
Is it waterproof/bulletproof? *
Are there some papers that it works especially well on? Or doesn't work well on?
Are there other ink colors that you know of that are very close to this color?
Is it sold in both bottles and cartridges?
Is the bottle designed to be "user friendly" and/or does it have an ink well?
If it isn't widely available, where did you purchase it?

*At a minimum, please try to cover these points that make a review relevant for most members. Thanks!

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