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Reynolds Pen Company


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Apparently Reynolds still exists in India. Their website does not show any fountain pen. I happen to have one, received as a gift from an Indian colleague, I'm posting some pics of it. Came with a cartridge adaptor.

Dr. Austin


Your reynolds pen has a nib and feed that remind me of my parker sonnet..the engraving pattern on the nib and the shape of the feed are very similar, just sayin..


The nib is made by a chinese pen company called Haolilai (still active). You can search FPN (this site) for some nice Haolilai pens. The nib is marked Haolilai 22KPG. Interestingly enough, Reynolds and Rotring were absorbed in the same company: Sanford Corp., a division of Newell Rubbermaid, that also owns today Parker, PaperMate, Waterman, Sharpie and Sensa. I wonder with so many nib producers within the company, why use a chinese nib? Strange...

Dr. Austin



The above explains why in Belgium we know Reynolds as a manufacturer of all kinds of kitchen-related wrapping products (sandwich-paper, aluminium foil, baking-paper, ...) :roflmho:

They probably stamp their name on generic ink carts as well.




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Hello Seekers


On the Reynolds FP issue: I recently stumbled over one on eBay on my way to a Indian Wality eyedropper pen.

The Reynolds was referred to as "French", was supposed to be "new" and was very inexpensive.


When I got it I found it to be made of dark green marbled resin -- or very heavy plastic with no lines or sprue marks.

A GP band at the base of the cap is engraved "Reynolds" repeated three times.

The two-toned, Fine nib shows a cursive capital "R" with no other marks.

It came with a standard cartridge but no converter. A screw-piston converter was too large for the barrel, but a slide-piston type fit perfectly.

It writes great. the flow is smooth and the feed is reliable.


India is not a place to write off, as a couple of contributors seem to be doing. The products I have seen impress me as being of much higher quality than most of the Chinese things currently flooding the pen market.

That being said, many things about India seem to be rather mysterious, even to Indians. Some business there seems to operate in a kind of legal twilight -- interesting. :glare: :glare:

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Hi All,


I am from Chennai, India...Here Reynolds is a very common brand with showrooms across. They also have FPs which claim to be international brand...Surprisingly, last week I bought a BP branded as Sailor-Japan (Omegagrip) from their showroom, for Rs.100/- (2 US dollars).


In Chennai they are selling FPs and price starts at Rs.499/- to 1099/- various models.(1 US dollar=52Rs)

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