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20 years of Lamy Safari Special Editions - 2004-2024 - a touring Design exhibition


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Hi all,
I looked on the UK shop page of Lamy.com just the other day, and I saw this image:




I happen to live not that far from one of the shops shown on the map as hosts of the company’s touring exhibition to celebrate the last 20 years of these editions of the Safari.

So of course I only found it after the final date :doh:


I have posted this image here so that you, dear reader, can check on the Lamy.com ‘shop’ page for your home country, and find out whether the tour is ‘coming to a venue near you’ any time soon.

(And also because I’m a whingeing pom, obvs. 😉)



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Thanks for sharing this. Much appreciated.

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Thank you for sharing! The rendition of the fountain pens's colors is interesting.


The 2019 colors are more ice cool pink and ice cool blue green than the pastel like rendition.


The green is a light lime color. 

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