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Does anyone know what brand these pen holders are?

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I wanted to sell some leather pen cases (holders) that I don't use. Some have the brand embossed into the leather, but 2 of the larger ones and really nice ones just jave a squiggle type initial or initials.

I tried to find the same models on line with no success.

Does anyone know what these are. The brown one has what looks like a "FA" or "JA" embossed on the back. The orange one has a symbol on the 

I've included some pictures 

Thank yoularge.IMG_8395.jpeg.64db2c024755d5aa4f08d278a4659a15.jpeglarge.IMG_8403.jpeg.097ca8c0d5a38468f4db8a04e77eafa4.jpeglarge.IMG_8426.jpeg.60b62b2eeccab5b88699c8ae11e183b9.jpeglarge.IMG_8429.jpeg.37db264c5a0090b53df3dcde3039ada9.jpeg

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The top one could be Delta associated with a maker called Markiaro. Not sure if they were one and the same company or just a range made for Delta. 

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    • Shanghai Knife Dude
      I have the Sailor Naginata and some fancy blade nibs coming after 2022 by a number of new workshop from China.  With all my respect, IMHO, they are all (bleep) in doing chinese characters.  Go use a bush, or at least a bush pen. 
    • A Smug Dill
      It is the reason why I'm so keen on the idea of a personal library — of pens, nibs, inks, paper products, etc. — and spent so much money, as well as time and effort, to “build” it for myself (because I can't simply remember everything, especially as I'm getting older fast) and my wife, so that we can “know”; and, instead of just disposing of what displeased us, or even just not good enough to be “given the time of day” against competition from >500 other pens and >500 other inks for our at
    • adamselene
      Agreed.  And I think it’s good to be aware of this early on and think about at the point of buying rather than rationalizing a purchase..
    • A Smug Dill
      Alas, one cannot know “good” without some idea of “bad” against which to contrast; and, as one of my former bosses (back when I was in my twenties) used to say, “on the scale of good to bad…”, it's a spectrum, not a dichotomy. Whereas subjectively acceptable (or tolerable) and unacceptable may well be a dichotomy to someone, and finding whether the threshold or cusp between them lies takes experiencing many degrees of less-than-ideal, especially if the decision is somehow influenced by factors o
    • adamselene
      I got my first real fountain pen on my 60th birthday and many hundreds of pens later I’ve often thought of what I should’ve known in the beginning. I have many pens, the majority of which have some objectionable feature. If they are too delicate, or can’t be posted, or they are too precious to face losing , still they are users, but only in very limited environments..  I have a big disliking for pens that have the cap jump into the air and fly off. I object to Pens that dry out, or leave blobs o
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