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Montblanc 344G and 3-42G advice required please !!


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just picked up some new vintage Montblancs, but just wondering if the caps have been swapped 


They were sold as :


plastic 3-42G with montblanc cap ( its the early version where the cap band is a few mm above the lip) - it has ski slope feed, montblanc on side of cap and outline of star on top of cap


the celluloid 344G came with a non branded cap with no clip or retaining screw - the only marking is an engraving “Regia” on the side and a single cap band - narrower than the cap band on the 3-42 pen. The body of the cap is slightly longer than the cap on the 3-42G - pls see photo


Q1) does anyone have exact measurements for the cap on either a 344G or a 3-42G (with the cap band sitting above the cap lip please) ? 

Q2) was there a fountain pen firm called Regia? ( i cant find one) 


Q3) does the MB cap on the 3-42G look correct, or should it be on the 344? 

any idea, thoughts or comments on the above musings,  much appreciated 


edited - the cap on the 3-42G is 60.5 mm in length by the way


cheers paul







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Q1: The 3-42 cap is 58 mm long (including the cap dome) and the outer diameter measured at the cap opening is 13 mm. I do not have a 344 so can not give exact dimensions.


Q2: Regia was a Spanish pen company in the 1950s - 1960s, well known in Spain but rather obscure elsewhere.


Q3: The 344 and 3-42 should differ in length and width so I find it surprising that the cap with Montblanc imprint would fit on both pens.








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Many thanks Joss


Interesting - so maybe the cap I have is for the 344 after all (as its 60.5 mm in length from cap lip to top of dome). I dont have calipers with me (away travelling) but will be back home shortly and will measure the outer diameter of the cap lip then 


yes, I’m surprised too (that the MB cap fits both pens rather well) - especially as one is celluloid and one is plastic, but it does

Calling anyone has a MB celluloid 344 (with the cap where the cap band is a few mm from the rim) 


grateful if you could measure the cap’s dimensions please 


cheers paul


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I’ve added the MB cap to both the pens and took photos 






cheers paul




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