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Maison Mignon pen pouches

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A quick endorsement of Maison Mignon's pen pouches! 


I bought the brown one shown here a few weeks ago: https://www.instagram.com/p/CtMne5yJGtq/


The leather is clearly great quality (the instagram picture doesn't quite do justice to the appearance). I tried it with a Platinum Celluloid Jade at a store in Paris, and the color combination looked pitch perfect.


I was worried at first about the pouch being too tight, even for a relatively small pen like the Platinum Celluloid, but the salesperson insisted that they loosen up nicely, which I can now confirm. The pen now slides off the pouch easily when I grab it, but it has also shaped the pouch in such a way that I can hold the pouch open upside down without it falling off. I am impressed. 


I am not too sure about the product availability outside of Europe, but this is the best I have seen both for practicality and esthetics (have tried Pelikan and a few no-name brands). 

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