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TWSBI Vac mini end-barrel diameter?


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Hi all. Does anyone know the diameter of the end barrel of the Vac Mini?

I'm interested in using it for my bullet journaling, but am not sure it will fit with the elastic pen loops which come with these.


I have a Kaweco Skyline, which also has a flat-bottomed barrel. It's got a 10mm diameter, and that fits, but only just! (it's a bit of a pain to fit it in the loop).

What's the diameter of the Vac Mini?




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13.3mm according to Google search and the TWSBI page on Gouletpens.com.

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Thanks Rebbe. Although that’s not quite what I was asking. I know the max diameter of the barrel is 13mm, and am not worried about that, as an elastic pen loop will stretch to accommodate.

I wanted to know the diameter at the very end (the vac twist knob). It appears to be smaller than the main barrel, but can’t tell if it would be narrow enough. 

Sadly I don’t live close enough to any brick and mortar stockist to go and have a look. I’d have to buy one, have it shipped, and then return it if it’s too big. 

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On mine, approximately 11mm at the very back end, with about a 1mm bump up to where the threads are for posting (the cap screws on for posting). Do you just need the very end to fit into the elastic loop to get it started? If you needed to, you could file the diameter down a bit on the end. 

      I measured with a mm ruler by eye. Calipers would give more accuracy, but I do not have any.

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Thanks Walter 👍. You're dead right, it just needs to be narrow enough to get it started in the loop.

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