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What colour is this Pelikan?


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I have two Pelikan 400 nn pens. The one on the left is clearly a green stripe one. The one on the right is what I would describe as an olive green colour, sort of halfway between green and brown. Is it a brown Pelikan? Discoloured green? Discoloured brown? Whatever it is, I find it beautiful, but I am curious to know what to call it.



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That color is generally called tortoise, very beautiful pens that are my favorite Pelikan color.

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What OCArt said.  I'm guessing from the photo that it's probably a brown tortoise (my first Pelikan was an M400 brown tortoise from the 1990s).

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It looks like a brown tortoise to me, as well.  

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It´s a 400NN Tortoise and it looks just like it should. Tortoise binde, dark brown cap and piston knob. The only other 400NN tortoise variant was the light tortoise and those look completely different.



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That is a much darker tortoise than my '42-54 500 and my '54 transition tortoise.


It looks darker than my '91-97 tortoise............run a a glasses cleaning cloth** over it a couple of times.It might lighten it up half a shade.


**forgot the name, but lots of folks like that better than semi-chrome or any other light chrome; finger polished only and buffed with a flannel cloth, which use to be 'the' clean up tool. for use pens.


I've not seen it mentioned lately.  I have used it often (will again if needed). Being lazy only went for a 'well maintained' look, not NOS.

There is a better polish...Novis or something; a three stage cleaner for plexiglass jet plane canopies, ....some decade and more ago, they refused to ship to Germany. So I continue using semi-chrome or equivalent.

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