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Help Identifying a tiny pen!


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New poster here so hopefully nothing here breaks any rules.


Pictures are here via an imgur album


I recently picked up this pretty little Wahl Pen. It was listed as a Lady sized Doric (and I didn't quite realise just how tiny the pen was!). Its in a green marble celluloid (I assume), it measures in at a little over 3.5" capped and 3.5 uncapped, has a screw cap and the rear ~half of the pen unscrews to reveal a nipple and breather tube.


The nib definitely needs a little work un-springing and likely a little smoothing too. I'm not too sure what the filling method is either, the back of the pen unscrews to reveal a small nipple with (what I think is) the remnants of an old sac and a breather tube.


I'd very much appreciate any help, advice or ideas on what model of pen it is, the filling method (I was thinking it was maybe an early style aerometric type filler squeezing the small sac to fill the body with ink?), and whether the nib/feed are easily removeable. If anyone wishes to recommend a repair person I'm UK based so I'd probably prefer to keep it on the continent for now.


Thanks in advance for any help or ideas.




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Hi, welcome on FPN!


Your little Wahl pen is an Eversharp Bantam with the 'bulb' filling system. It can be dated to the mid to late 1930s. The pen had a rubber sac that could be compressed manually to fill it with ink.

Richard Binder wrote an excellent profile of these pens: http://www.richardspens.com/ref/profiles/bantam.htm.


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Posted (edited)

Thanks Joss!

I'd seen reference to Bantams a few times, I think I even saw Richard Binders page you linked but since I didn't see the faceted body I didn't make the connection, whoops haha.


Would I be correct in thinking gentle heating the section will allow it to be removed making it possible to clean the inside of the pen? And any idea if the nibs are friction fit, require a tool or are not removeable at all?


That should make working out how to go about repairs much easier, I'll definitely give the Richard Binder page a read and go from there! 


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couple extra questions
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