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Sheaffer converter


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Is there a  piston converter than can be used with this type of Sheaffer nib?  It is the kind that would pierce the old cylindrical cartridges on the School Pens.  Or do I need one of the squeeze converters?






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I'm no expert but it looks like my modern Sheaffer pens that take the Sheaffer converter. they only take the Sheaffer converters not the international standard as far as I am aware

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Thank you, Mark!  Two of our kids spent a year in Durham.  They remarked on the beautiful national parks in Yorkshire.  Of course, the show "All Creatures Great and Small" have introduced us all to the area.  Lovely.

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The No Nonsense pens will take either piston or squeeze if the spring is out of the barrel - some NN roller ball pens were converted to fountain pens.  A Connaisseur has a brass plug to add weight to the pen,so only the squeeze converter will fit.


Sheaffer was selling Monteverde mini converters as replacements for the thin Targa and thin Fashion pen converters.  The have the DIN standard diameter hole.  I would try a standard international converter in the pen.  It will fit on the piercing tube.  Whether or not it is too long when you screw the section in is another question.  If it is, use a mini converter.  I like the syringe style converters for the Kaweco sport better - much better made and less likely to split.


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