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NoNonsense color range


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Taki -- that was quick and amazing, the way your collection came together!


The only one I own so far is the green Viewpoint. Found it in a dusty corner of a local stationary shop for $4.50 two weeks ago! It came with a calligraphy nib unit, with the puckered rubber sleeve on the gripping section. The green is a really pleasant, subdued shade that goes well with the chrome trim.





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Posted Images

Sailor Kenshin
These are from a recent eBay auction which I did not win, but could this be the mustard color, or the "Pikachu" yellow just looking dark in these photos?






It does seem to have a sort of metallic sheen though---at least from the photo. Was there a 'gold' NN?

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Hi All,


Taki, that is indeed the elusive Mustard. Thanks for posting the images; I've been meaning to post a photo of that color for a while. This example, like mine, is an early pen with a barrel imprint and a blank clip.


Sailor, there's nothing metallic about the finish, although I can readily see how the pictures might make it look otherwise.


Apologies for the brief post - Carpal Tunnel issues today. But I couldn't let a Mustard NN sighting go by unacknowledged!







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Kenshin, "Jellies" NNs look like they have metallic sheen, or pearlescent, maybe :)


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Sailor, at the risk of escalating you to a "triple want," note that the Jellies pen also came in very attractive shades of green and blue (and maybe others - I've seen only the five colors).


As Taki says, they definitely have a sort of pearly, opalescent, translucent appearance - maybe just a touch of metallic sheen as well.





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Yesterday I added an orange NNP to my black, blue, red, and yellow. Not a full rainbow yet, but I'm keeping my eyes open.

Currently inked: Targa, fluted gold / Pelikan M400 / Parker 45 (Steel &Olive) / Sheaffer 440 Blue

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Ok, I finally uploaded photos of my Sheaffer NoNonsense (NN for short) collection tonight (photos were taken a few weeks ago----Note: a kind friend sent me a neat-o "For the Doll" pen (a large ringtop NN cousin) in that wackily-named 70's "Turned-on Orange" colour that isn't in the photos below






Half of my Sheaffer NN collection (display boxes kindly given to me by a generous friend on FPN :) )






The other half of my NoNonsense collection, as well as some NN "cousins" in the back row (the new Sheaffer Calligraphy pens with the slanted cap tops). The clear pens in the back row are the newer NN Viewpoints with the rubberized sections.




(from top to bottom---Tan, Cadmium Yellow and Robin's Egg Blue--my name for the colour; I'm not sure of the official name)





(from top to bottom: Orange, Yellow, Red)




(from top to bottom: Tan, Cream---again, it's just what I call that colour---and White)




(from top to botton: LeBordeaux, frosted Orange, Old Timer with "Herringbone" pattern)



(from top to bottom:Stainless Steel, Purple and Magenta)




(from top to bottom: "Surfboard clip" NN in Yellow, "PlayPen" NN, For The Guy pen in "Fired-up Red" (yes, this is the official Sheaffer colour name... :lol: )




(from left to right: regular NN pens with logos on top of their caps---Orange NN with Gulf logo, Orange NN with Pepsi logo, Cadmium Yellow NN with Kodak logo)




***Update: I had to change a couple of things in my post above:

(a.) I had "Teal" down as the colour of the NN with the Tan and Cadmium Yellow...but it's not a teal colour....rather, it's very close to Robin's Egg Blue

(b.) I changed "Hot Pink" to "Magenta" above, as this is the name we sort of decided on a few pages back and I changed the colour of the purple pen from "Magenta" to "Purple" :rolleyes: (sorry for any confusion)***

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Vancouver (B.C) Pen Club (our website)
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Maja, what a wonderful NN collection!! I love the aqua Robin's Egg Blue color :puddle: Thank you very much for posting :)

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Thanks, everyone, for the kind words :)


I made three changes to the colour names in my photo captions:

--I changed "Teal" to "Robin's Egg Blue" (to avoid confusion with the colour we decided upon as Aqua Blue in the Japanese webpage photos that Taki posted)

--I changed "Hot Pink" to "Magenta" (as this is the colour we decided on a few pages back)

--I changed the colour of the purple pen to "Purple" (was previously labeled "Magenta" by me)



Vancouver (B.C) Pen Club (our website)
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Hi Everyone,


Well, Maja's photos are a hard act to follow. The only possible justification for putting up more NN pictures is the fact that I've recently acquired some interesting new items. The following isn't the entirety of my NN collection, but many of the other pens are duplicates, or promo/sample pens, or pens in original packaging that doesn't photograph very well.


(By the way, I enthusiastically endorse "Robin's Egg Blue" as the name for the color of Maja's lovely - and uncommon - blue pen. The great big color list will be duly amended.)


Anyway...here are the photos:


1. "Mainline" NoNonsense pens here - opaque solid colors, chrome clips and cap bands, no additional furniture:




From left to right:



Medium Blue


Cadmium Yellow




Tan (thanks, Maja!)


Green (Deep Kelly)



Gray (this one's a Tagalong, standing in as a color representative)


2. Here are some variations on a theme:




From left to right:

"Jellies" - Frosted Blue*

"Jellies" - Frosted Green*

"Jellies" - Frosted Pink*

"Jellies" - Frosted Orange*

"Jellies" - Frosted Yellow*

Viewpoint - Smoke

Viewpoint - Blue

Viewpoint - Dark Green

Stainless Steel

Vintage - Blue Marbled

Vintage - Green Marbled

Vintage - Red Marbled


* The "Jellies" name, as applied to this swirled translucent finish, is conjectural...which is another way of saying "probably not right." There was a "Jellies" line, but it came later, during the era of the snap-cap rubberized-section NoNonsense...and it was a line of gel pens. I've never seen one of these swirled models in the original packaging, so I don't know if this sub-series even had a distinctive name. I am reasonably sure, though, that this group includes all of the available colors.


3. Some members of the extended family:




From left to right:

A very cool "rings" pattern - a sort of poor cousin of the Omas Marconi pen (thanks, Vermiculus!)

"Harmony" (that's the name given to a writing set that included this pen, but I don't know if it applies to the pen itself)

"Celtic" - our agreed-upon name for this pattern, and not a Sheaffer designation

Old Timer - Herringbone

Old Timer - Flamme

"For the Doll" pen - Turned-On Orange**

"For the Doll" pen - Fired-Up Red**

"For the Doll" pen - Lime Alive**


** Official Sheaffer names; you can't make this stuff up!


4. A few in the original packaging:




Top row, left to right:

Viewpoint - Dark Green

Viewpoint - Smoke

Viewpoint - Purple

Viewpoint - Red


These are interesting mainly as a reminder that the Viewpoint was originally sold as a conventional round-pointed pen as well as a calligraphy pen. The package date for all four is 1990.


Bottom row, left to right:

Gemtone - Magenta***

Gemtone - Sapphire*** (Note that this is a different color from the "Medium Blue" shown above)

Gemtone - Emerald*** (Note that this is a different color - bluer and richer - than the "Kelly" shown above)

Gemtone - Purple***


*** Unofficial names.


A couple of points here. While it has been pretty generally assumed that the designation "Gemtone" referred to a series of pens with chrome clip, cap band and cap-top disc, we haven't had authoritative support for that assumption. The Sapphire and Emerald pens provide it; the packaging clearly identifies them as Gemtones. The package date for these two is 1990. Interestingly, the Magenta and Purple pens are not so identified; in fact, no model name is specified. These packages are dated 2001, and the pens were purchased in India (thanks, Hari!), although the pens were produced in Fort Madison. Note that these packages include the new-style Skrip cartridges. Maybe there's no model name because this was an export package; or maybe Sheaffer had given up on model names for pens like this by this point.


Anyway - I hope there's something useful in all of that. The NN search goes on...!





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First of all, Jon, you are too kind :)

Secondly, thanks so much for posting photos of your collection; you have an amazing collection of Sheaffer NoNonsense pens (and cousins)! :o


I neglected to thank Taki for posting photos of some of her wonderful NN pens about five weeks ago---thanks so much, Taki! :D

Both you and Jon obviously know how to take flattering photos of pens.... :embarrassed_smile:


Some random thoughts about Jon's pens above...


Re: the "Mainline" pens.....Wow, the Navy Blue one *is* almost black in colour! I definitely do not have that one...The Grey one was definitely made as a fountain pen/ballpoint (ie. not just as a Tagalog) as Taki has one in her photo from early November...Also, I'm pretty sure you have a Cream NN, Jon, so that is another colour that was made in this line (but as you said, not all NN pens are shown in your post above)....Oh, and not to nitpick but...Is it possible that the Tan and Mustard names are switched around in your caption?


Re: the "Viewpoints", "Vintage" and "Jellies"(frosted) NNs......I think there is also a Light Green Viewpoint that was made (as shown in this FPN sales post)..and there is definitely a Vintage NN made in Black. Do you have the latter? (or both?)


Re: For the Doll Pens....Nice collection! Do you also have any For the Guy pens?

Re: Gemtones....I have never seen a Gemtone in that shade of green before....very interesting! It looks more like a Hunter Green to me; am I right? It's funny that you say that the Blue Gemtone is *not* the same shade as the Medium Blue...because it looks exactly like it on my monitor! :lol:

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Vancouver (B.C) Pen Club (our website)
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Hi Maja,


Thank you!


You're right, of course, about Tan and Mustard being switched; I've edited the original post. (You'd think, after all the agonizing over whether Mustard was really a variant of Tan, I'd get that right.)


I would agree that the Gemtone green is more of a hunter. There's more blue in it than in the Kelly, which seems to have a bit of yellow. It's really a very nice green.


As for the Sapphire: I'm sure the photo in-package isn't showing it to best advantage. Side by side, it's significantly deeper than the Medium Blue - much more of a rich cobalt shade.


I do recall that lighter green Viewpoint. Cool color!


You're right, too, that I've got a Cream pen - it's a promo sample with a lot of printing on it. There's the Seafoam surfboard clip, too, and probably several others. I do have a Black Vintage, but that one is in the package, and it doesn't photograph very well. And yes, I've got at least one "For the Guy" pen - it's an Orange, and it's uniformly faded from sun exposure. The "Doll" and "Guy" pens were merchandised in clear glass "test tubes," and the pens were put into the tubes posted. So you'll often encounter examples like mine, that retain the original color only on the bottom inch of the barrel, which was covered by the cap. If one didn't know better, one would think that my faded orange pen was literally a fourth color.


It was fun to assemble this group for photographs. NNs are photogenic pens!







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Jon, thank you very much for posting photos from your collection. What a wonderful variety!! It's so interesting and fun to see all the different colors.


After seeing your Dolls pen, I'm not sure whether mine is red or orange :hmm1:

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Jon---no problem re: the labelling of the Tan and Mustard. I also found it amusing as I recall how patient you were when I kept asking you in various email to describe the Mustard NN :lol:

Thanks for confirming my conjecture about the colour of the rich green Gemtone, and explaining the colour of the blue (Sapphire) one.


Taki, re: the colour of your For the Doll pen, I can tell you that if you have one in the "Turned-on orange" colour, there is no way you will think of it as a red pen...it is orange. The "Fired-up red" pen is a colour that you would get if you added more red to a regular Orange NN (ie. it's half-way between red and dark orange to me). The "Turned-on orange" is a softer orange, not a red-orange at all. Hope this helps!

Vancouver (B.C) Pen Club (our website)
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Sailor Kenshin

Wow! Univer, just superb!!!


And another great way to display the NN line. I'm inspired all over again, and wish I hadn't gotten rid of the couple of clear-barrel ones I gave away. All I have remaining from that line is the smoke-colored one; I think I used to have a green, a red, a blue and a purple?


I don't know what got into me. Sheaffer NN pens are some of my all-time favorite writers.

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