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Database Incident January 2, 2023


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Dearest Members and Visitors of the Fountain Pen Nuthouse,


As you may have noticed, we had a database incident on January 2, bringing the site down, unfortunately.


This problem occurred in the middle of an automated database backup, which caused us to lose a few more database backups as well. With some hard graft, elbow grease and extended assistance from Server Support, we managed to get the December 30 database backup restored. Effectively this means that any content between the early morning of December 30 and the early morning of January 2 has been lost somewhere in the digital graveyard.


Having said all that, we are lucky to have lost so little. Considering this weird problem, and the database type we are using to speed things up as much as possible, it could have been a lot worse. As an extra measure we have therefore decided to add another level to our backups, just in case, so we will lose less next time around, as these things do tend to happen occasionally.


Other than that, we will move to a new server over the next few weeks, also increasing reliability essentially. And for February we have scheduled some major upgrades again, although we will discuss those when we get closer to the end of this month, or sooner if time permits.


Anyway, we are happy that everything appears to be working again! Enjoy!


Warm regards,

on behalf of The FPN Moderator and Admin Team,



the Mad Dutchman
laugh a little, love a little, live a lot; laugh a lot, love a lot, live forever

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It's only a pleasure, Geert Jan!

Warm regards, Wim

the Mad Dutchman
laugh a little, love a little, live a lot; laugh a lot, love a lot, live forever

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Welcome back! 😁

I'm glad so little was lost. It could have been so much worse ... restart from square one literally everything lost, worse.

That happened to the website for the vacation rental I used to manage in the first decade of this century. ☹️


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Thank you thank you thank you!!!  Is there a way to make a one time donation?


I found a way to donate in the Store tab. I did, because I learned how much I appreciated FPN while it was down. I encourage others who joined the FPN Lifeboat on FPG to do so if they want to. 

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Thank you so much, @wimg!  I know how nerve-racking it is when the database gets corrupted and you have to go back multiple backups - been there, done that.  Hope you and yours are well and that you have a great 2023! :)

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Thank you all for your kind word, they are very much appreciated!


It was indeed rather nerve-racking, because we couldn't go much further back before we got to a release from a year ago, which is why we now have taken additional measures for more local backup storage.


With all the mayhem I completely forgot to wish you all a Happy New Year. May 2023 be your best year yet, in great health, good fortune en much love!


Warmest regards, Wim

the Mad Dutchman
laugh a little, love a little, live a lot; laugh a lot, love a lot, live forever

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I'll add my thanks to Wimg for his dedication to the work.  I happily contribute $ every year, because I know it takes serious financial support to keep this going, and I treasure it for a technical resource and endless entertainment!

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