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Where to put Montblanc Section Lube & Sealant?


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I usually put the two part sealant on the threads from the nib unit, that goes through the section sleeve into the barrel.


I also put a dab of two part sealant on the brass threads that thread into the top of the barrel to keep piston from backing out.


As far as lube goes, I lube the lower nib collar below the threads and all the other plastic parts.  Obviously nothing on the feed or nib.


Is this correct procedure?  


Please see picture (btw the haze you see on the parts is a polishing compund)


Thanks in advance. 


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Sealant goes on the threads and on the collar just below the flange.  No lubricant anywhere else on the front end. Maybe some lubricant on the spindle threads, and of course on the piston seal.


When you tighten the collar in place, tighten just snug, not tight.  It is easy to over tighten these and crack the collar around the notches.  Let the sealant do the job of holding it in place.

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