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Hi All - Someone just gave me this - cracked cap - etc.  Help me to know what model it is and if a new cap can be found. Also any chance to put a NIB in?







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This is a Sheaffer "Balance II" rollerball from the end of the 1990s. This version in solid colour (blue, green or black) was part of the "Classic Color" range. https://sheaffertarga.com/Balance/Balance Write Up.html.


You can mount a Balance II fountain pen section on that barrel. The material of these pens is known to be brittle and spare caps (and barrels) of some versions are scarce. But 'Classic Color' rollerballs regularly pop up for acceptable prices on the known auction sites.

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A No Nonsense nib will also screw into the pen.  The "Vintage" NN  has a gold plated nib.  That would let you use the pen while you look for a proper one.


You will need to pull the spring out of the barrel to fit a cartridge or converter into the pen.  You can use a bent paper clip to snag it, or use alligator hemostats  or very long needle nose pliers to pull it out.

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Thanks so much...I thought it was a balance...  the cap is cracked and glued but solid...  I will keep an eye out for a new cap....  this cap is serviceable..but not pretty.  Lol...  I may try to clean it up a bit and see if I can reinforce it...


Thanks all !

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So had some time early this morning and decided that I would look at the pen in more detail - the glue job was horrid and uneven, you know when you just feel it with the finger tips - not smooth catches the skin etc.


Also the barrel had some scratches, so I decided to smooth it out and go for a matte look - 







The cap is rock solid and no flex and with the hi-res pics looks more striking than in person.


I think I might get some black epoxy or mix up some black acraglass to fill the valley's a bit and then smooth it out.

 *OR* - leave it as is as it has some 'character'  :)




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