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Diamine Blue Black Registrar 14 day test.


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Earlier i published a short term test of Diamine´s Blue Black iron gall ink with a Steadtler Triplus 474 named "Diamine Blue Black Registrar iron gall ink with Steadtler Triplus 474", This was originally going to be a 14 day test but due to the stains on the nib that was found the test was cancelled to inspect the for potential damages and if the ink had in any way interacted with the nib, which after inspection was fount not to have occurred. so a second test was started to test the medium term (14 days) effect the ink would have on the pen if any.


5 of September 2022.


After the alarming stains observed on the nib on the test platform (pen) i cancelled the original 14 day test to inspect and maintain the test platform to asses any potential damages, after an extensive clean and inspection there was no observed damages to the nib, feed or any other operating part of the test platform therefore a second test was started, thus the pen had been filled and would not be maintained until the 19 of September 2022 to observe what effect the ink could potentially have on the pen


Notes: This test was for the most part flawless so therefore there are only one observation that will be mentioned, upon the 17 of September the ink had proceeded to dry to a certain extent at the breather hole, this is mostly driven due to the lack of use of the platform and was easily remedied by utilising a lightly damp towel and placing it upon the breather hole to resume the ink flow.


19 of September.


After 14 days of testing the pen has been mostly perfect and no notable observations have been made, and inspecting the pen before cleaning echoes that. There are no damages observed and after disassembling the pen and cleaning the pen the same observation is made as seen it the earlier test. Attached are pictures form pre-cleaning and pre-disassembly of the pen and after cleaning and take down of the pen.




The test was successful in determining the fact that Diamine iron gall will be sparing on pens even of the cheaper variety and is mostly safe, but it can not be absolute determined based on the potential viable of steel used in the nib in certain cheaper pens. although pens with high to medium quality steel nibs would be spared for any potential damages to the nibs.


Report by David Daoud Arbid after 14 days of independent testing, no party, manufacturer or retailer has had any editorial input and has not seen this before the public and all equipment used in this test was paid for by me.












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