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Parker Lucky Curve "Baby" Pressure Bar Replacment


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Hey all,


I was just thinking the other day I hadn't had any repairs/restorations go wrong on me and alas I seem to have jinxed myself. I got a really nice Parker miniature pen and was cleaning it up, everything was going honky-dory until the point where I tried to test fit putting the pressure bar back in at which point it pretty much disintegrated on me. See pics below of before/after and the pen.






The very delicate "spring" portion near the top broke off. Are there replacements? Anderson Pens is my favorite place to buy j-bars, pressure bars, etc., but the smallest they have is a 62mm 3-piece (with the extra hanger bit) or a 66mm "normal" bar. The body of the pen from section threads to the end of the button threads is about 56mm so this won't do.


I was thinking that the 66m one can be trimmed (the three piece doesn't appear "trimmable") but trimming 10mm off it seems like a lot and may not be possible. Has anyone tried this? Or are shorter ones sold anywhere?


Failing that I guess my options are just putting in a sac and use it as a sort of bulb-filler unscrewing the section every time? One of the earlier Parker catalog gives an amusing suggestion for when the ink sac fails, that the lucky curve button fillers can be used as eyedroppers "without interruption of service" which I most certainly will not be trying.

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