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Is this Parker 51 grip section beyond repair?


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I'm new to the forum and I hope I'm posting this in the right section. I love vintage fountain pens and I've always wanted a Parker 51. Recently, my mother bought me two at a flea market and one of them looks fine however the other one was not opening for some reason, and since I wasn't there I suspect that she tried to open it in a strange way and that maybe the scratches deepened for that reason (or it just had them to begin with). I haven't seen the pen yet so I only have pictures to go off of but I'm wondering if it's possible to lessen/remove the scratches or if they're too deep? How would I go about trying to remove/lessen them? I'm grateful for any help I can get. 





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Hello soufiane212, welcome.
I love the burgundy color of your pen.
The marks you refer to didn't happen now, you can free your mother from that guilt. Apparently the inner part of your Cap is loose or has been in some period, which caused the risks.
It is perfectly possible to soften or even disappear with the risks, performing polishing with sandpaper, micro mesh and polishing mass.
The place where the scratches are is quite boring to work with and has thin walls.
Do a good cleaning and polish with micro mesh before trying something heavier with 1200 grit sandpaper.
See if you like the way it will look after polishing and if you really think it's necessary to get rid of all the scratches.
Remember that it is a vintage pen and these are battle marks that are part of its history, therefore perfectly acceptable as it does not interfere with its functioning.

If you choose to carry out the heavier polishing, call again and I can give you some instructions.


Best regards.

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A burgundy hood would cost around $15 for a replacement.  

Most likely someone used a pliers to remove the hood. 

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Send to Parker51 for repair. 

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Thank you all for the replies! I'll wait until I can have the pen and see it for myself, if the scratches aren't too deep I'll attempt some minor polishing and I'll clean it! I don't mind minor scratches but these one's looked quite serious to me but I hope I can somewhat diminish them. I'm still happy to have this wonderful pen and try it out :) 

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