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Pens and pocket knives


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Turns out there is some overlap between small knife makers and pen makers.  Mind, almost all of those knife/pen companies make fancy ball points but the odd fountain pen shows up.


This is a little gent's knife from Joe Kious.  Joe passed years ago, but his knives remain sought after.  The blade and bolsters are hand-forged damascus.  The scales are fossilized mammoth.  The pins that hold it all together are gold.


I don't have ballpoints, so I can't show pen/knife pairings from various makers.  I'll use pens that seem to echo some feature of the knives.  This pen is my favorite W94, notable for a fine line, moderate flex, and excellent feedback.  Rippled ebonite and damascus steel have similarities.



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Another pair, this time with an oddly similar color signature.  The pen is from Shawn Newton and uses a primary manipulation resin from Jonathon Brooks.  I think Shawn called this resin "Jackson Pollock".  It's a piston filler and sports a rhodinated 14K Bock #8 nib.  Shawn did a nice job of making it, but I have to admit I rarely ink it up.  I tend to carry flex nibs.


The knife is a tarted up (gold class) production model from Benchmade.  They take a reasonably priced model - the mini crooked river in this case - substitute in premium materials and charge four times as much for the result.  Sound like gold vs steel nibs?  The blade is a powder metallurgy damascus from Damasteel in Sweden.  The black parts of the handle are milled carbon fiber, and there are weird wood inlays that I can't say I am fond of.  Inlay color does match the pen pretty well.


Unlike the pen, I carry this knife regularly.  It's light, fits easily in a pocket and deploys very smoothly.



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Japanese fountain pens occupy a large segment of the international fountain pen market.  Japanese chef's knives perform similarly and enjoy brisk sales overseas.  n contrast, Japanese pocket knives are uncommon, though they share the same general characteristics as the chef's knives (quality construction, good materials).  This Rockstead Ryu folder and the Sailor King of Pen both incorporate high quality metals and handle materials. Both are expensive.  The KOP sells well internationally.  The Ryu is somewhat rare.


C'mon.  Let's see what other people are carrying.



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