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Trouble finding a decent small pen display case in the UK. Any suggestions?


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I've been searching far and wide for a good place to keep my pens. I don't really trust the Amazon options. I recently placed an order with Turners for the one below, but just got an email that it was sold out and I've been refunded 😑



I like some of the Toyooka options, but they're quite pricey to ship to the UK. I can't stomach the idea of paying just as much in shipping and taxes as I did for the actual item.





I'm just looking for something simple that can hold ~10 pens. My collection will likely peak there (I know, I know, famous last words). I definitely don't need those really expensive 24, 48, 60 pen options.


Any ideas will be appreciated! Cheers!

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42 minutes ago, steerpike said:

I can't stomach the idea of paying just as much in shipping and taxes


You already pay shipping and taxes on just about everything you use/consume. Pens are for writing.  Money is for spending.  Do your bit for the global economy.  Go for it!



"Simplicate and add Lightness."

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I am planning to get a clear acrylic makeup organizer - something like this (this particular one might not be deep enough or otherwise too small):




There are folks that sell pen dividers that can be cut to size but I might just try bunching up a velvet cloth or the like under the pens to accomplish the same thing.

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Pen displays are purposeful or coopted, elegant or simple, made of fine materials or plastic, large or small, hinged or drawer, well-crafted or hacked, and quite expensive or not so much. You pick one or more of those choices and go seeking a solution that suits your needs and budget.


Most folks who have a display case want their pens to be seen, protected from dings and scratches and dust (and possibly curious little fingers), and for the box to open and close easily enough to be readily useful (but perhaps lockable). I have found the better display fountain pen cases are worth paying for: Nice wood, glass top, beautiful hinges and hasp (known as furniture), divided, nice fabric lining, and made with care by a skilled craftsman. In the States, that's going to run $300-500. A bespoke display case could be more. Cheaper can be found, certainly. 


Some of these things don't matter much to the casual pen user. 


The unit at the top of your post seems to have been designed to hold pens elegantly and is built with sound miters and brass furniture. Also looks like it could easily be adapted to hold and display any number of other collectible objects by simply changing out the interior fitting. So start looking for small tabletop display cases for things like pins, awards, medals, golf balls, &c. 

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Your best bet are antique display boxes that were used in stationery shops.


So antique shops, fairs, estate sales... They should be much cheaper than their new counterparts.


Michael, on the making a pen case thread, in this sub-forum, might be able to make one for you or make inserts for one you find, for example one that used to hold spoons or dessert forks.


 I assume that you are in the U.K, hence the suggestion of the antique route as well as Michael expertise, since he is also in the U.K


While I grew up on your side of the pond, I am now, on the other side, and assume that there are many other Edinburg, there.


Is it fair for an intelligent and family oriented mammal to be separated from his/her family and spend his/her life starved in a concrete jail?

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I have found some cases in the UK which might meet your needs. They are sold by Safe Albums.

16 Falcon Business Park
Hogwood Lane Industrial Estate
RG40 4QQimage.png.cd512795b2426a487a0e4859f905e6bc.png
Telephone: 0118 9328976
Fax: 0118 932 8612


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Have you tried opening your mind? Instead of thinking of pens, think of long, tubular thingies.


A walk to your nearest tobacco shop (if any) may show some cigar boxes that may serve as well (and in addition help keep humidity). They are usually made to be elegant and in high quality materials. Search for e.g. "cigar box humidor" in Amazon.co.uk and you should get something among the first hits. E.g.


EDITED: sorry the former link didn't work.



Other display items for thingies/tools similarly shaped may do as well. Artists' storage boxes, whatever. Just open your mind.

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If you can find the kind of wooden tea bag box that has a glass lid, you're half way there - you just need to take the compartments out, and find some way to hold the pens. image.jpeg.35f21421c378be39e51524f02710b141.jpeg

Too many pens, too little time!


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You could see if there is a craftsman (or craftsman) or woodworking hobbyist in your area who would be willing to build a bespoke case for a reasonable price.


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