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Waterford Powerscourt Fountain Pen early review


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I recently purchased on Ebay for USD$150 a gold-plated Waterford Powerscourt fountain pen with a fine 18K/750 nib and have used it for a week, writing with it at least twice each day.  Here are photos, to be followed by my impressions at this relatively early stage.


257782655_Outerbox.jpeg.759b9ae76d6baf77e64f2d3fbcafe692.jpeg  70467305_Innerboxopen.jpeg.0d8c5a26634e1d286b0df7a9eee7a45e.jpeg  



2082657683_Powerscourtcapped.jpeg.e9c8c6ea6b16d5dca8a1019ad270f0dc.jpeg    96136927_Powerscourt-3parts.jpeg.0b23808f4cc9505586e95e1b7083d7a7.jpeg  890286323_Powerscourtnibcloseup.jpeg.3f2a636d4cf366d3bc57237c9452319d.jpeg


The pen is very attractive and feels nice in the hand.  It has a solid feel and nice weight; the pen is of average length and weighs 41 grams.  It fills easily with its included converter.  I used Noodlers Green ink.  It took awhile for the pen to write consistently; at first, it skipped a bit.  The fine nib writes with a relatively dry line.  The nib is on the firm side and makes an easily audible sound when writing on decent quality paper.  


My "gut" feeling is that the Powerscourt is an attractive pen that feels nice in the hand but writes in an uninspiring manner.  I gather that for my tastes, a medium or broad nib (which I generally prefer) would feel better.  However, my guess is that the Waterford line is more about looks than about the writing experience.  What are the experiences and impressions of others who have written with this pen or other Waterford pens?  Am I being unfair to this pen and brand?


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Not familiar at all with the brand/model.

Pretty pen, but 41 grams?  Too heavy for my hand (a friend gave me a a Monteverde Strata a few weeks ago and it apparently weighs in at 40 grams, capped...; before that, my TWSBIs were the heaviest pens I owned (at 28 grams capped...).

Ruth Morrisson aka inkstainedruth

"It's very nice, but frankly, when I signed that list for a P-51, what I had in mind was a fountain pen."

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