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Notebook Canson Escrita 90 g/m² - Made in Brazil

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Fila Canson Brazil began manufacturing this notebook to replace the Oxford Optik notebooks it distributed in the country.
Canson is a brand focused on artistic material. The notebook responds to a commercial strategy for the Brazilian market, where the supply of premium products for school and university use is scarce. Its quality is remarkable, but it is not specifically designed for writing with fountain pens. However, if we use non-invasive inks and nibs that are not excessively wet, the results are very good.
The main quality of the paper is its smoothness, which allows the pen to glide very well. The writing experience is quite pleasant. It has very little toothiness. The paper is very suitable for EF and F nibs, as it attenuates feedback and, thanks to a higher absorption, improves the saturation of very pale inks. Nibs with strong feedback become glassy when writing on Canson paper. It is certainly an alternative to nib smoothing. There are also no nib skating problems, as in some "laminated" papers. It also has more spread than Rhodia paper, but it is a small difference.

Speaking of defects, the paper does not resist bleeding with very juicy nibs and invasive inks. With Broad nibs, I have had specks appear that do not prevent writing on the back. Once you write, you don't notice the dots. But it is possible that the bleeding resistance problems are exacerbated with calligraphy nibs.
When the humidity increases, I feel that writing is less pleasant. There is almost no indentation, the strokes look as if written with a felt tip, with a saturated dot on the end. All in all, I think this paper is ideal for fine nibs, but is disappointing with thicker, wetter nibs.
Compared to other premium brands, the Canson notebook doesn't feel as full, but it does make a good alternative if used for journals or school notes, especially with fine and extra fine, even medium nibs.
In terms of gloss or shading, Canson paper is inferior to other brands such as Rhodia, Oxford or Pelikan, but in return it gets the best performance out of inks with a tendency to fade.
The paper has a grammage of 90 g/m² (which guarantees good opacity) and a line spacing of 9 mm.




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Thank you for bringing Canson to my attention.  Marketed here in the UK to artists.  I now have my eye on a 9x14cm ArtBook 180

"Simplicate and add Lightness."

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40 minutes ago, Karmachanic said:

Thank you for bringing Canson to my attention.  Marketed here in the UK to artists.  I now have my eye on a 9x14cm ArtBook 180

@Karmachanic, I believe the notebook is marketed exclusively in Brazil. I've looked for it on the brand's websites in other countries and haven't seen it.
About the paper you're talking about, is it for use with fountain pens?
I bought a notebook a few weeks ago and the paper came out defective, the tendency to bleed was higher than normal. I wrote to customer service and they sent me two new notebooks, plus some paper samples of other products. Among these was a sample of a paper similar to the one you are referring to. If it is the same and you are going to use it for writing with pens, I didn't find it very interesting. It is a bit porous. Has no tendency to feather, but the edges of the lines are imprecise.

Canson 96.jpg

Canson Croquis.jpg

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3 hours ago, Azulado said:

is it for use with fountain pens?


The reviews on the AMZ site mention use of wet media and ink.  If I do purchase I'll let you know.

"Simplicate and add Lightness."

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