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Skyline Nib Issue


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Hi all,


I recently got a Skyline that was a bit of a junker, the cap was a little off (cap liner has some issues), the body has a bulge because the previous person put a sac that was too large (I think?) - I can live with all of that but the nib is a little rough. I'm no stranger to fixing misaligned nibs or smoothing them out but I was looking at this one and for the life of me I cannot figure out what the problem is. 


I've attached some pics below, if someone more knowledgeable can help me figure it out. My thought is maybe there's just too little tipping left which is not really anything I can fix. Apologies for the image heavy post!




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I see lines on the tipping.  If you see a line or crease instead of a curve, you'll feel it.   That could be fixed without losing too much material.

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Posted (edited)

I'm sorry, could you explain what you mean by lines? Do you mean this flat spot here? This did look a little questionable but I was not sure if it was out of the ordinary because I have some nibs that look like this that write fine (although their tipping is a bit bigger, so that might be making it smoother).


Also, what kind of motion would fix this on micromesh? I'm really scared of going overboard considering how little tipping is left here; I made that mistake before unfortunately so I'm approaching this with more than a fair bit of caution.




Nib grinding is one of these things in the hobby that I'm incredibly bad at after years of trying and at this point have made my peace with it being one of those things that I'll never understand like differential calculus and baseball.

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Soften the sharp edges. Use a few strokes on the finest pad of a buffing stick


I'm more interested in this sac bulge you mention. 

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I smoothed it out a bit but I don't have a buffing stick and I found it very hard to do with the sheets of micromesh I had. Is there a good place to buy these? For now it's smoother than it was but not quite perfect (some angles feel rough), but I can live with it how it is now.


As for the bulge, see pic below. I had a hard time getting a good pic of this so maybe it's not too easy to see but there's a bulge where I think the inner lever assembly/ring is. The lever feels very loose, not sure if it's because of this. In general it's not a big deal although I've almost raised the lever a few times when slipping the pen into a case cause it easily gets caught.





No clue what it looks like on the inside; I haven't taken it apart. I bought this pen intending to fix it up but the sac was working when I got it so I just left it alone. I've heard some of these Skyline's are kind of fragile so I figured no need to risk taking it apart unnecessarily.




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