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Old vs new Matte Black Sonnet rollerball


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I have the previous-generation Parker Sonnet Rollerball in chrome and matte black.  Really like the matte, because it's grippier than the glossy.  I used to tutor a couple of students who kept borrowing that pen because they liked it so much.  Now that they're graduating, I wanted to give each of them one as a gift.  

The one I have (shown below on left)  is discontinued, but is still available.  It's been replaced by the version shown below at right.

The safest bet would be to get the discontinued model, because that would be an exact replacement.  But I'm concerned that, being old, the presentation boxes might not be in good shape (important, since these are gifts).  According to Parker, the pens differ only in cosmetic details:  "Please note that model S0818110 is an older version, now discontinued so it has an older design. The new model is the current Sonnet model 1931523. However, functionalities and quality are the same. As for shape, size, and coating lacquer, they have not been changed and will probably feel the same when writing."


But as you know, companies can claim something is the same when in fact there are subtle differences (e.g., maybe the matte coating on the new one isn't quite as nice).    So I figured pen lovers like yourselves would be the best ones to ask if the new one really does have the same feel and look (cosmetic accents aside) as the old one.  Or does it actually seem nicer?

The discontinued "Sonnet Rollerball Pen Matte Black S0818110" is shown at left.  The current "Sonnet Rollerball Pen, Matte Black Lacquer with Palladium Trim, Fine Point Black Ink (1931523), Matte Black and Chrome" is shown at right.


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