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Stationery and pen shops in the Eurozone


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I'd love to discover more cool stationery and pen shops in the eurozone (to avoid customs charges and currency fluctuations), so if you have any to share, please do. Here are some to get a list started.


Stores I've purchased from and can recommend:


Flexible nibs – FPnibs - In my opinion, these are the best flexible nibs available. I've put them in all my TWSBIs, and some other pens too!

Bienvenue à l'Atelier lesoon - Atelier Lesoon - vintage pens at affordable prices

Casa della Stilografica - Online pen shop - big selection, fun stuff and serious stuff

Pen Store

Pen-Venture - If you buy a pen, he personally tests it and writes you a nice letter showing how the pen writes. Has a YouTube channel.

Scrittura Elegante - Scrittura Elegante



Other stores I know of but haven't purchased from yet:


PW Akkerman The Hague
Sakura Fountain Pen Gallery

Santini Italia Fountain pens and nibs Made in Italy

Scrittura Bolognese

Mora Stylos  - vintage pens

looking for a pen with maki-e dancing wombats

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