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10 Fountain Pen Papers Compared, 2022 Version

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Kind of splurged on fountain pen paper recently. There's probably already a post like this so do skip if you want to cos this is nothing new. I thought I'd share my fountain pen paper ranking. 


  1. Cosmo Air Light
  2. Tomoe River
  3. MD
  4. Maruman
  5. Tsubame Fools
  6. Apica CD
  7. Kokuyo
  8. Life
  9. Clairefontaine
  10. Rhodia











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I am quite fond of Cosmo air light, especially when using my Japanese fine nibs. I also would place it first on my list. 

Many second would be Stalogy, which I like more than Midori MD. 


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Thanks for this comparison!  I am relatively new to the community and seeing the shading on the different papers is certainly helpful.  Lots of people talk about sheen, but the shading is super cool!

I am different.  Let this not alarm you.  ~ Paracelsus

If you're interested in corresponding, let me know!


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