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Introducing Ranga "ABHIMANYU GRAND" (Giant Version of Regular Abhimanyu) in Classical Ebonites

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Dear FPN'ers,


We are introducing this new Model "ABHIMANYU GRAND" following the huge success of our Abhimanyu Model . This new model "ABHIMANYU GRAND" is Giant Version of Abhimanyu.  Ebonites are highly beautiful and classic. It has vintage Characteristics.
This is beautiful Clipless pen in relatively shorter length. It is cute and sturdy . It caps in less than 1 turn.The section is classic vintage style design. We have introduced it in our production line for first time.

Please fill the below form to book your favourite Ranga "ABHIMANYU GRAND"  Model pen



This offer is Valid till 31st May-22
Capped Length - Approximately 150mm  Cap Dia - 19mm, Barrel Dia - 19mm,  Section Dia - 14mm at Thickest part and 12 mm at thinnest part. 
Making Time : 2 weeks
Price: Base Price for Ranga Pens with Ranga Screw in nibs and German Converters: Premium Ebonite :89USD  Regular Ebonite -69USD
 You can upgrade it to plenty of nib choices with extra charge

Payment: Paypal id mpkandan@gmail.com
Shipping charges: Through Courier (Quicker delivery-4 to 9 days) .USA : 19USD, Central Europe : 15USD, Singapore/ Malaysia: 15USD.  Rest of the world:  It varies from country to country from 10USD -19USD. 
Kindly note that Shipping charges are very high, we bear the 50% of shipping charge and collecting the rest from customers. (Charges published above)




Ranga Pen Company


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I received the email and ordered one in No. 22 Crimson Ebonite, with a Bock Titanium #8 <BB>. Should be lots of fun!


(the email also had a link for a Splendour group buy through May 15th, and I ordered on of those, too with the #8 in <M>. "No. 42 Poinsettia Acrylic")


Here's the Splendour link, if anyone wants it. 

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I loved the Abhimanyu, so had to try this one too. I’ve ordered the pink/red/cream.

I chose my user name years ago - I have no links to BBS pens (other than owning one!)

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