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MAGNA CARTA Elements Fountain Pen (Black)


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In March, I attended the BWI Pen Show at the BWI Marriott Hotel in Linthicum, Maryland, USA.  I purchased several fountain pens during the three-day show.  One of them was by an Indian brand, Magna Carta.  I saw its offerings and purchased the Elements model in all-black with a Broad Nib.  Here are photos I took at home after I returned home.












Here are some approximate objective measurements:  

Length capped: 14.8 cm (5.8 in)

Length posted: 17.5 cm (6.9 in)

Weight empty: 34-35 grams

Weight after filling with water: 36 grams


Based on my viewing of the website, MagnaCartaPen.com, it appears that this black Elements model is not yet for sale on the site.  There appear to be two Elements models for sale there -- the blue-green "Sky" and the red "Earth."  It is clear to me that the black model I purchased is an Elements model, based on its shape.  Based on the information provided on the other two Elements models, the following can be stated about this pen:


Outer material: "Precious resin"

Cap: threaded (screw on-and-off)

Filling Type: Pneumatic

Finish-Trim: PVD 24K gold-plated

Nib Material: Gold-plated stainless steel (available in EF, F, M, B, and BB).


At the show, I paid $160, which turns out to be the retail price on the website (oh, well), but at least there were no sales tax or shipping costs.


The pneumatic filling system works easily.  Screw off the end-cap, pull out the pneumatic tube, place a finger over the breather hole (shown clearly in the last photo), push in the tube into the ink, take your finger off the breather hole, wait a few seconds, and screw the end-cap back on.  About 1-2 grams of ink enter the pen in the process.


I filled the pen with Noodler's Squeteague ink, a dark teal color, and used the pen for a few weeks.  I was impressed with its performance and feel.  This is a thick pen in my hand.  The outer material feels warm and pleasant to the touch.  The nib was responsive -- firm with very slight give -- and quite smooth.  I'm sure it helped that the nib was a Broad.  I favor nibs that are at least Medium.  I found myself daily looking forward to writing some notes and practicing my signature with this pen.  It is an attractive pen and reminds me somewhat, at least in spirit, of some of the larger Conway Stewart models that I've seen on the internet.  I feel that the $160 price is fair in this day-and-age for this kind of high quality pen with a steel nib.


I wonder if others have any experiences, good or bad, with the Elements model or with other Magna Carta fountain pens.  I would look forward to your comments.


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What about ink capacity? Sheaffer pens touchdown filler had a poor capacity...

Best Regard.

PD: interesting review

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Hi, Mr.Rene.  Good point.  On ink capacity, the only objective information is that the pen's weight before filling was 34-35 grams and after filling was 36 grams.  I have no idea how much ink, in ml. the pen holds, but only that filling increases the pen's weight by 1-2 grams.  Therefore, you're probably right that this pneumatic filler's ink capacity is not that much, compared with many other pens of this size.  I can tell you that after filling with water, I expelled a complete stream of water for the entire time I pushed the tube down while holding my finger on the breather hole.  Nonetheless, the amount of ink in 1-2 grams of liquid may not be that much, compared with a nice, big, internal piston filler that other pens this size have.  

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Actually, very few piston fillers take on more than 2 mL of ink, and many take only about 1 mL (= 1 gram, since FP ink is similar in density to water.) So this pen would seem to have pretty good capacity for a non-eyedropper. I have a pneumatic-fill Filcao Atlantica, a slightly smaller pen than the one described above, and I can get about 1.5 mL into it with patience, or 1 mL if I am in a hurry.

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Hi Donn,


I recently also purchased a Magna Carta Elements, although mine is in the "Earth" color.  I was surprised by how nice this pen is, I love it!  The pen feels substantial and the fit and finish are great.  The patterns in the Earth acrylic are very nice and the gold trim complements it well.  I got a medium nib, though it writes a bit on the fine side for a medium.  The feedback is a little toothy, but not scratchy at all, similar to a Sailor feel I would say. It's very enjoyable to write with.  The filling system works great too.  Overall, I am really impressed by this pen!





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Hi, kenrapoza.  Nice to hear that you, too, like your Magna Carta Elements.  

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