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Do you recommend Leonardo pens?


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On 8/9/2022 at 7:49 PM, CraigN said:



I bought one of those hotcakes this past weekend at the DC Pen Supershow, a Leonardo Mosaico with a fine steel nib.  I also purchased a Leonardo pen last year at the DC show from Dromgoole's.  It was a pleasure dealing with Yoost and yes, he had lots of Leonardo pens in display.  I hope he returns next year.


I understand that some users have encountered issues with nibs.  Fortunately, I have not had any problems with either of the steel nibs that I own.  I also like the ink capacity and material colors that are offered.  




Congrats.  I've only had one steel nib I couldn't fix.  Mostly it's a nib misalignment or the tines need spread to get ink to flow properly.  Glad you got a good, one, enjoy it!

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There's been some discussion in this thread about quality issues with earlier Leonardos that came equipped with Bock nibs.  I recently encountered an opportunity to own one of these pens and I'm reporting on my experience.


At this year's San Francisco Pen Show, I was browsing the Leonardos on display at the Dromgoole's booth. The salesperson offered me a deal on an older Momento Zero, a Blue Sorrento with a Bock nib in M.  After some time spent dip-testing the pen, I accepted the offer.  (At first it was very erratic and skippy, but after a few dips it mellowed out considerably and I decided it was worth taking a chance).


My Blue Sorrento is from 2020 and is serial number 006, so I guess it's early production. At home cleaning the pen, I realized this had to have been a customer return; it was filled with dried ink, and several colors came out during a long soak with pen flush.  I'm guessing someone put a very saturated ink in the pen, it clogged, and they returned it to the shop.  Ultimately I had to disassemble the feed and clean all the parts individually.


The nib has no major defects - I don't have problems with skipping or hard starts (with one exception, see below).  Compared to my Momento Magico with a Jowo F nib, it writes smoother and drier. (I would say the Jowo nib has more feedback than the Bock, as neither are "scratchy" nibs).  The line with Waterman Blue ink is a bit too dry for my taste, but with a wetter ink (currently Diamine Blue-Black) I'm getting an acceptable amount of wetness.


I did experience minor dryout/hard start issues with Waterman Blue (the first stroke after letting it sit capped overnight runs dry) but with Diamine Blue-Black the pen has not given me any problems.


I may yet tweak the nib to increase the flow, but I'd say that aside from being a dry writer the Bock nib is quite acceptable and I'm happy with my purchase.



PXL_20220923_201627712 (Large).jpg

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I have the Momento Zero Grande Magico....piston filler, and it has really been flawless!

I have been using it with mostly brown, pumpkin cake, and chocolate brown inks.

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just to make this thread clear, from my view point, I had a chance to get a Momento Zero for a good deal, and test it, it was fabulous, it had two take aways for me: 

- the Jowo nib on different pens behave differently.

- Leonardo pens have great build quality 


I end up getting 3 other leonardos and loved them all. 

in fact, Leonardo is now a new favorite brand of mine. 

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