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Reassembly of Cross Classic Century Ballpoint


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Hiya I'm hoping someone can advise me? Joined the forum yesterday as I need some help please. Was trying to refill a vintage cross ballpoint (classic century I believe) and somehow managed to remove the refill holder, instead of just the refill?? And of course it won't go back in now... I've tried heating the barrel but that didn't work. Have I ruined it? 16469061769252639498759487472048.thumb.jpg.5a4145f57f45f16884025aac36baa631.jpg

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I'm not an expert, so I don't have the ability to solve this problem.

 I tried to disassemble mine, but it didn't come off at all.

 However, I feel that this thread may be a hint.




 And from around here.




 After a quick read of this, I got the impression that there was still a chance to win.

 Please work slowly without being impatient.


 I wish you good luck.

 And welcome.




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