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Pilot is finally doing pigmented fountain pen inks


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9 hours ago, A Smug Dill said:

Pilot ink cartridges lack the metal ball stopper-cum-agitator found in Platinum ink cartridges.


True, although Pilot’s calligraphy ink cartridges do contain an agitator in the form of a metal ball-bearing.  The cartridge is otherwise identical to Pilot’s regular ink cartridges.


However they come with a warning not to use them in anything other than Pilot “Parallel” pens.  I don’t think the calligraphy inks are pigment-based, though I can’t be certain.  In any case they are not waterproof.



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Recently I bought a Justus and was surprised how different the CON-70 looked that came with the pen. Too bad that so far none of my Pilot pens is usable with the inks, I could swap the converters between the Justus and one of the other pens I have, but that the Custom 823 should not be used with the inks is a real bummer...could have been a perfect everyday combo for me.

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Availability of the CON-70N converter is rather spotty in the US. There is a photo of one on the Goulet site, but the product is still called CON-70. There are several sites that sell silver CON-70s (without the agitator), but haven't yet found a dealer selling a CON-70N and actually calling it that.

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Earlier in this thread I mentioned another Pilot ink from their official Japanese website that I’d personally never seen before. 


Turns out that ink, as well as one other, have long been available. JetPens in the US sells both “Pilot Document Ink” and “Pilot Drafting Pen Ink”. Neither is appropriate for fountain pens, BTW. 


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On 3/5/2022 at 5:53 PM, sketchstack said:

I also noticed an ink on their site that I’ve personally never seen before: https://www.pilot.co.jp/products/pen/fountain/ink/ink_30_stock/


Based on some auto-translation, it’s a permanent ink to be used in dip pens. India ink? 


“※ It can't be used for fountain pens and desk pens. If you use it for other purposes, there may be a problem.”

Yes it is India ink, a friend of mine has it.


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6 hours ago, arellano81366 said:

Yes it is India ink, a friend of mine has it.


Ah. Then in the words of Emily Litella, "Never mind."


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On 3/6/2022 at 9:33 PM, AmandaW said:

If the cost is still reasonable when it gets to Australia I will try it.


A$17.96 for a 30ml bottle from LarryPOST at present.

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