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Mont Blanc Fountain Pen Nib Wedged/Stuck in the Pen Cap. Please help!


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I am freaking out a bit because my pen nib is stuck in the lid, and basically, what screws off is the hollow back of the pen, i.e. the plastic part you would screw off to replace a cartridge.

Because I've never used a pen like this, and this was gifted to me by my father, I did something stupid. I went to the store and got new ink cartridges as I wanted to use the pen.

The pen's nib was unscrewed from the cap, and the back part was unscrewed from the nib as you would normally do when changing a cartridge. After taking the old cartridge out, I put the new one in. I was trying not to make a mess, so I didn't press the new cartridge all the way in. I then went on screw the pen back tog, ether and the cartage pushed the nib into the lid, now wedged there.


Does anyone have any idea of how I could fix this? What is the best way to go about this if I need it professionally repaired?

Anything would help!


Thank you in advanced for all your suggestions and help!







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Old ink probably leaked and dried in the cap and stuck the section threads to the cap.


Soak the cap in water for a few hours, then with a rubbery grip, grab the metal threads and unscrew the section from the cap.

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From the looks of it, it's the section that is stuck, not the nib itself. I would take a piece of rubber (inner bicycle tube or something like that) and put that around the part that sticks out and then carefully try to screw it out. But don't use much force. If that doesn't work, heat the cap with dry heat (from a hair dryer for example) and try to screw out again. Be carefull not to overheat. You should always be able to hold the heated part with your hands.

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22 hours ago, katerchen said:

Old ink probably leaked and dried in the cap and stuck the section threads to the cap......


14 hours ago, Nethermark said:

From the looks of it, it's the section that is stuck, not the nib itself....


Just in case you are confused.... "The Section" is the strange name that fountain-pen users give to the part of the pen that you hold in your fingers when you are writing. Perhaps a more complete name would be "the grip section".

The "section" in your pen is an impressive assembly of metal, plastic, and other materials. Mounted at its front end, hidden inside the pen cap, is the "nib".


The advice given by @katerchen and @Nethermark above is aimed at freeing the rear outer parts of the grip section from the cap. We are assuming that the more delicate "nib" is OK inside the cap space.


I am wondering why screwing the back part of the pen into place had this result though. Perhaps you were sold the wrong type of ink cartridge?


The cartridge in your photographs looks like a "short international standard" cartridge. Those are the correct size for many fountain pens, but not all. Some pens will fit only cartridges made for that specific brand of pen. Montblanc cartridges look almost identical though.


When you have separated cap from grip section it may be wise to check back in this thread, and confirm the pen make and type of cartridge needed.


11 years ago @Michael R. posted...

Montblanc ink cartridges are very similar to standard international cartridges but not the same.


Montblanc cartridges are a little bit more narrow close to the opening (while the opening is of the same size).


This means that Montblanc cartridges will fit any pens intended for use with standard international cartridges but not any Montblanc will accept standard international cartridges.

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I think Starwalkers is a screw on cap pen. So, you can't push the section to the cap when pushing the ink cartrige. So, I don't think that ink cartridge has anything to do with this problem. I would try with soaking in a warm water for few hours. 


BTW, I'm using Montblanc Classique with Waterman long standard cartridges. No problem. 

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I would use polymorph for this. Make a stick, warm the end and press it into the 'stuck' section. Once set, it will act like an extension and should allow you to unscrew it. 



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I recall seeing a post where the section/cap threads on a starwalker had been crossthreaded, which is easy to do because the threads are so fine. The assembled pen looked bent as a result. Although it does not look as if this would be the case here, be aware it can happen.

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