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Question Regarding Sailor 1911 Profit Large vs Professional Gear Sections.


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Hi.  I have a question for the good people of the forum.


Is a nib section from a Sailor 1911 Large interchangeable with a nib section from a Professional Gear?  Could I (hypothetically) screw a nib section of the 21k 1911 on to the barrel of a 21k Pro Gear?  Is there anyone out there with both models that would like to try it on my behalf? 


Thank you.    

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Yep, those are interchangeable.


Sailor decided to confuse people by calling the

smaller 1911s (Standard) vs. 1911 Large,

whereas in the flat top Pro Gear line they called the

smaller model Pro Gear Slim [Mini] vs. Pro Gear ___


So, you could change or swap all parts between both small versions (nib, feed, grip, cap, barrel) on the one side and also swap all parts between the larger models. The 1911 and Pro Gear models in their respective sizes (small vs. bigger) are basically the same except for the flat/round finials.


Have fun mixing and matching! ☺️

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Excellent!  Thank you JulieParadise.  🙂

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