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Montblanc shipping restrictions


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Well, this is hostile/asinine on MB's part. Tried to order an Egyptomania with a special order nib from Appelboom and the website wouldn't let me. When I asked, Joost wrote back:


"Due to new rules of Montblanc, we are not allowed to ship outside Europe anymore."


At least I just saved myself some $$$ 😕

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I received  the same information from Appelboom within the past week.

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Each regions get their allotment, and that's that. Sorry, but no; you can't have my portion. 😬

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Appelboom bought the venerable Bromfield Pen Shop in Boston, renamed it to Appelboom Boston, and moved the store into a new location on Bromfield Street. 


Bromfield Pen was a Montblanc dealer, and they have all the same Montblanc showcases of pens, ink and writing accessories on display, so I assume that Appelboom inherited the MB dealership from them for US distribution.  You can contact them at 617-482-9053 or boston@appelboom.com





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Yep, I asked ... they are still working on their online license for the Boston store.

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I don't know how regional restrictions work for an international vendor; but can Appelboom move inventory amongst their own regions without observance to the regional manufacturer's restriction?

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Doubt it.  Two legally seperate entities, in two seperate jurisdictions/countries, each acting in accordance with the laws of those jurisdictions/countries.

"Simplicate and add Lightness."

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I've run into the same thing with certain single malt Scotch, especially Macallan. There are allocations for regions and areas within each region. When I'm chasing limited releases I often have to go outside my area to find them because, even though the particular store I buy from has multiple locations within my region, the allocation for my area would be gone and they're not allowed to get it from another area's allocation otherwise they'll get in trouble with the distillery's distributor. At least they have a decent online portal that allows me to see which locations has what available and in what area of the region...PITA. 


Montblanc does the same thing with regions, online sales and boutiques. They all have their allocations. It can be frustrating.  





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