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elongated Sailor Profit


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Could it be the prototype for this pen? which Sailor has done many times before.

(this picture is form FPoJ P.349)


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23 hours ago, Karmachanic said:

That looks very similar.


15 hours ago, Chi said:

prototype for this pen

No, I don't think so. The form looks different. I will try to ask Sailor directly.

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It would be extremely unusual to find any prototype models in the wild. Some models assumed to be prototypes, limited or special editions were short-lived and did not make it into formal catalogues and should not to be confused with a real prototype.


There are prototypes in FPOJ. However, Mas Sunami has longstanding relationships with Pilot, Sailor, and Platinum that has allowed him access to these models. 


There are a good number of one of a kind models made by smaller makers especially in the 1930s, 1950s, and into the 1960s. Most recently Nakaya and Danitrio produced a few for sale. They are not prototypes.


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@stan thank you for explaining. I still have a lot to learn.


Sorry about misusing an important word. 


I’d be curious to find out what model it is. 

Please check out my shop on Etsy - Sleepy Turandot

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It had a name: "Profit Long". People at the FB group "Fountain pens" knew/had it. This one is called Sailor Profit Long Mosaic, apparently.


And Sailor sent me the following information today:

The pictured pen was an LE from 2005 with the name "Long Mosaic 長刀 Fountain Pen".

Other Long Mosaic pens had a KCE (King Cobra Emperor), a King Eagle Emperor or a CKE (Cross Concorde Emperor) nib. There were other nib choices too - but they don't have the information anymore. 


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