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Montblanc 146? Original? Year?


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Hello guys, 

I just bought a Montblanc pen (original i hope), used, for 200€.

My pen has serial number and germany on top ring. On cap ring it has only “montblanc meisterstuck”: no pix neither n.° 146. 

I hope some of you guys can help me identify the year of this fountain pen (and if it is original). 

Thanks and happy new year!A9C63742-EA7B-485F-8858-586EADB68057.thumb.jpeg.5e43d8de81035e557142534f67a34433.jpeg6EEB3B5D-BF09-461A-9BBD-7703FF254C2F.thumb.jpeg.46273b9ce2c7a25e01f8043f1f22aa49.jpegED109A93-A4BA-4DF8-995F-CB7B03EACBE2.thumb.jpeg.f246522d65a027e42ade6551c981f2fc.jpegE735811B-6CB6-4E43-86B2-3E83F73F31AC.thumb.jpeg.d5ced37a682f3fe2969960f572efc045.jpeg2780F29E-AC8D-4113-85DA-3AC2CF351199.thumb.jpeg.d0022cf4c2936dad6e88ae66bee66793.jpeg6D2782E3-D19F-4B16-88F2-E3497DAAC86C.thumb.jpeg.c3211c0202f2dce847fd906191637bab.jpeg0782CFB8-C686-4CEC-89C5-73959AC01EBE.thumb.jpeg.ed1ca10dcd48797b5e8ee3e705377d95.jpegimage.thumb.jpg.04350bbe1e4c7950618c66834c8307f2.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.c7cc9d374a893c9c8c70ca6c61ac4bb2.jpg

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Hi there...


I wish I could help you there but I am not an expert in Montblanc...


Purchasing these pens without paper is a tricky transaction


Were you able to check the serial number on the ring attached to the clip? 


You may wish to consult the following link for general guidance




For 146 specifically, this may help



I am not sure where did you buy the pen from? Trustworthy sellers do add to the authenticity of the product. 


This forum has a considerable number of threads attributed to MB Authenticity Identification... 


I am sure MB Resident Experts on this forum will jump in to help you out...


I would go for the nib and the ink window... these are some areas which are often left unattended when making exact replicas and can help easily identify the authenticity of the pen...


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Pre '97 pens had no 'Pix'.  Look on the underside of the clip.  Pix on the band is from mid 2000s

Block letter serial numbers from early 90s.  Modern 'computer' digits - recent.  Don't know exactly when.


Magnet attracted nib is a clear signifier.


Oh yeah!  If you bite it and it breaks your teeth it's very likely real 🤪

"Simplicate and add Lightness."

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@MBDostoevsky the serial number is there, also germany on ring attached To the clip. No middle fat ring there says only montblanc meisterstuck (not 146 or pix). Filling is By piston. 
 You guys think its original? 

thanks a lot

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On 12/31/2021 at 7:18 PM, Fountainewbie said:

please help.

If, after all the advice and checks you can find on FPN to identify and authenticate your pen, you are still in doubt, you can always ask an authorised seller to check your serial number. 

"Crafting a novel on cotton rag paper with an antique fountain pen is a sensuously rebellious act against modernity." – Khang Kijarro Nguyen

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Looks authentic from the pictures. Modern. Nib and feed looks OK and it has a typical ink filler window for a 146. Does it have authentic piston parts? Need a picture of top cone unscrewed to see threads. The lack of the word Pix isn't a problem as they don't all have that.

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... and do the magnet test as Karmachanic mentioned. A genuine gold nib will not attract a magnet, the fake pens often have a steel nib (gold coloured) and the magnet will stick to it.


It's always difficult to be 100% certain from photographs, but your pen looks good, to me.

It looks to have a good build quality, which many of the fakes don't have.


Also, tell us where and how you bought it? This can be helpful.

(EG If from a MB boutique, you're probably safe, if it was £5 from the back of a van, less safe - etc etc.)


Fingers crossed - and happy new year.



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Hello @Recursion , @Dione , @fountainbeland @CS388, thanks for the feedback.


@Dione here is a photo from the part you want to see. 

@CS388 i have done it, and nib does not attract magnets. I bought the pen second handed from a sir I met who was selling it on-line in a platform similar to ebay. 

I had some feedback and it appears to be authentic. In my country it cost around 600€ and I paid 200€.


thank you all and happy new year!  


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Authentic for sure! Here is a chart that can help you to nail down the age pretty close: montblanc identification - Google Sheets



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As long as the piston works it's almost certainly authentic.  From my understanding no one has ever seen a fake Montblanc 146 or 149 in the wild.  


/edit -- okay I see below there's a thread about credible 146 counterfeits now, but the pen above looks pretty legitimate, especially the nib.

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