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Hongdian N6 ( Metal Torpedo Shaped Piston Filler) On Ebay and Aliexpress


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Moonman/ Majohn got jumped in the torpedo piston filler race by this new metal version by Hongdian. Exciting times. My  work has me more interested in more retractable options coming but this is tempting. Cue the expected outrage that any non-Western company would dare use metal, a torpedo shape, and a piston filler in combination. This is definitely putting a spin on an old design, merging some things, and unique in its own right. 

I think Montblanc is doing just fine... 


There is a interesting manufacturing video on Aliexpress for the Mary's Stationary Store listing of this pen.








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The drops are coming fast this quarter and I have not seen any other models as of yet on Taobao. That one popped up on Ebay and AliExpress before it was even on my radar. It is interesting what stays in the local market over there for a few months before the common routes for distribution have it. Moonman/Majohn have their "Puppy Love" version advertised but not listed. This thing literally dropped out of the sky. It has me wondering what reason Jinhao is sitting still on the C/C. They have models they could have fitted out with pistons/vacuums/knocks long ago but haven't pulled the lever on any unique filling systems. 

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On 12/14/2021 at 8:42 AM, J120 said:

It has me wondering what reason Jinhao is sitting still on the C/C.

Perhaps, less problematic and cheaper to manufacture. I heard that they outsource the manufacturing, their OEMs might not be able to do it.

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