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Majohn T5


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I received my new T5 in green this morning.

Following the quality issues reported here, I must admit that I had my concerns with this purchase, so I could not wait more, dipped it in green Waterman ink and gave it a try (I currently have another pen in use and do not like to have more than one inked at the same time).

My first impressions with the pen are quite positive: It feels good and comfortable in the hand, the F nib writes quite smoothly and securely (it reminds me of some Penbbs #6 F  I own in various models), and transmits an overall feeling of very good quality for the price.

I was also worried about the nib unit being difficult/impossible to take out from the body for thorough cleaning after use, but I could take nib and collector out from the section with just a firm pull (very much like several other pen models not having the screw in nib units) so this is also reassuring.

The piston moves smoothly up and down and stops just at the upper edge of the ink window as also reported here, which is not an issue for me, at least until I really fill the pen and see the consequences that has in terms of ink that effectively gets loaded in the operation.

In summary, I feel sorry for others which have been less lucky than me, but I have very positive first impressions from this Majohn/Moonman.


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