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Small changes in PenBBS 355 build … ?


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PenBBS ‘dropped’ a basket of new 355s around 7 weeks ago; really liking this model (and the ‘Dark Paint’ finish) I ordered a new one.   I noticed a few things different from my older (still ‘improved version’) 355s.  The step-down from the barrel threads to section is very sharp. The pen feels lighter in the hand - I don’t have a scale, so I can’t say objectively whether this is so. And I wonder whether different finishes - the acrylics themselves - have different weights. Third - while I realize this model really isn’t designed to post - it won’t post at all.  (I prefer to post when possible; yes, the 355 pen becomes over long and back weighted, but sometimes it’s a convenience.)


Otherwise, so far, it functions beautifully, and writes beautifully - no complaints.


I've found PenBBS to be pretty consistent in build from one 'batch' to the next; has anyone else noted any differences (positive or negative) with these very recent units?

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