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Black, Shading, (relatively permanent) Ink

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I am looking for black ink with noticeable shading and a semi-permanence, though I know this might be more difficult. What do other recommend?

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Levenger Raven Black is advertised as semi permanent. I don't recall how it is as a shading ink. I finished off my bottle in 2013. I don't often use black so I didn't buy a new one. 


I know there is a review of it in the review section. 


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First thing I think of is Noodler's Dark Matter. Black with gray shading.

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Mont Blanc's EXCELLENT 90th anniversary grey may well fit the bill . . . if you can find any.



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Diamine Quartz Black shades, albeit on the grey side.

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A Smug Dill
6 hours ago, Poetman said:

I’m looking for something that will look like this


Platinum Classic Ink Khaki Black

Platinum Classic Ink Sepia Black

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1 hour ago, A Smug Dill said:

Platinum Classic Ink Sepia Black




One more ink to do such is Gutenberg G10, but here it strongly depends on your pen how it will look.

I love it, but it is an einigma ink. More or less brownish/sepia depending on the paper, too.

Anyway a 1:1 mix with ESSRI results in a more neutral "shading black" if the pen is not too wet...




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I think Diamine Registrar's might actually get you close to that as well if you write on paper that yellow. 


Parker Quink Black has some water resistance to it, and it shades more readily than some. If you want more brown-ish, I've consistently found Noodler's Black to shade more like a dark brown ink than a black ink out of any pen that is remotely dry. 


My copy of Sheaffer Black has a bit of shading and a warmer tone if you're after that. 


Platinum's Mix-free black ink is decently water-resistant and can be mixed to taste with a dilution liquid and just a hint of whatever other color tone you're looking for to get your exact color match. The inks are very high quality and write quite well, so if you want to fine tune your color experience, I can highly recommend it. 


Lamy, Platinum, and Pilot all have black dye-based inks (not Carbon black) that are considered a softer color that might get the shading you want from the right pen. I would avoid Sailor Black as having way too much flow (low surface tension) to induce the sorts of shading you're looking for. 


I would also recommend checking out the youtube channel "An Ink Guy" and looking at his Black ink playlist. He's got a good load of black inks and you can check out which ones shade there. 

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